Incorporating Print into Your Marketing Mix

Print media, particularly trade magazines, still provides an effective and impactful way of cutting through the digital chaos and promoting a strong marketing message to a targeted group of professionals. In fact, 96% of B2B professionals still read print magazines related to their industry.*


Occasionally, many see digital advertising as a threat to traditional print publishing. However, print cannot be replaced by digital, and rather, the two complement one another. Together, they offer you the opportunity to tailor your message and target your prospects across the channels they utilize most for information. Complement your next print ad with these digital platforms for increased awareness and exposure:


Print Options

When planning an integrated campaign, choose from a variety of print solutions to fit within your objectives and budget




App Focus

A special section within print magazines to promote your app. In addition, some brands offer a landing page online.


A simple and cost effective way to sell equipment, products or services, announce business opportunities, hire employees and more.

Display Ads

Print advertisements placed in magazines, including full page or fractional ad sizes.

Industry Calendar

Print calendars aimed at a specific market of professionals with sponsorship opportunities for each month.

Product & Literature Ads

Dedicated ad space within print and digital magazines to showcase a new product, provide a literature overview or promote a special service.

Specialized Print Ads

High profile ads in magazines that make a bigger impact because of their unique format and placement.

Special Issues & Supplements

Limited to certain BNP brands, special issues/supplements focus on a specific topic or market for increased targeting.

Elements of a Strong Print Ad