Native Advertising eBook

Native Advertising eBook

While the term native advertising is receiving lots of coverage by marketing-industry media, little of the research into the effectiveness of native adverting or "sponsored content" has focused exclusively on the business-to-business audience. As a part of the BNP Solutions TrendWatch series, we conducted a month-long survey of over 800 users of business-to-business websites and magazines to discover their awareness of, interest in and response to the various types of paid advertising that are being described as native advertising.

Discover what we learned in this free BNP Solutions TrendWatch eBook. It will provide you an overview of business-to-business native advertising, including the findings of our exclusive research.

Your Free eBook Includes: 

  • Results of BNP Solutions' survey on business-to-business native advertising 
  • An overview of the origins and effectiveness of sponsored content
  • A definition of the six types of native advertising
  • How and why native advertising works
  • How to get started on a native content campaign
  • Tips on the types of native advertising that work best for b-to-b marketers

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