Mobile Trends eBook

Mobile Trends eBook

The evolution in mobility, power and connectivity means being constantly online and available. Most mobile marketing research focuses on consumers, but business-to-business mobile efforts are ramping up. As a part of the BNP Solutions TrendWatch series, we conducted a month-long survey of nearly 700 subscribers to the eNewsletters and website registrants of 14 BNP Media brands to understand how readers respond to and use mobile websites, gauge the importance of responsive-design websites, and analyze BNP Media’s mobile app usage.

Discover what we learned in this free BNP Solutions TrendWatch eBook. It will provide you an overview of business-to-business mobile trends, including the findings of our exclusive research.

Your Free eBook Includes:

  • Results of BNP Media's survey on business-to-business mobile trends
  • An overview of the evolution of mobile technology and marketing
  • How mobile affects B-to-B marketers
  • A review of the types of publications access on mobile device
  • How to gauge your mobile traffic
  • Tips on how B-to-B marketers can take advantage of mobile

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