Live Events eBook

Live Events eBook

Even in an age of instant and constant worldwide communication, Live Events continue to be one of the most important and preferred business-to-business marketing platforms. 

As part of the BNP Solutions TrendWatch series, BNP Media’s Market Research conducted an Events Needs and Preferences Study to help marketers better understand the true potential of this media format and its benefits to targeted audiences. Respondents provided insight into current event related behavior, helped determine drivers that cause people to attend Live Events and revealed the types of Live Event formats they prefer.

 Discover what we learned in this free BNP Solutions TrendWatch eBook. It will provide you an overview of Live Event trends and preferences, including the findings of our exclusive research.

Your FREE eBook Includes:

  • Results of BNP Media's survey on the potential of using Live Events to drive B2B purchases
  • An overview of Live Events from the Attendee and Exhibitor perspective 
  • What Live Events Mean to Attendees
  • The Benefits of Exhibiting at B2B Live Events
  • Key Lessons for Marketers

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