Webinar: Native Advertising

Native Advertising: New Opportunities for Sharing Sponsored Content

Inspiring accolades and controversy alike, Native Advertising has taken advertising and integrated it into website content in a natural way that builds buyer trust, engagement and shares. Native advertising is a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. Native ads match the visual design of the experience they live within, and look and feel like natural content. In this presentation, learn: 

  • What’s all the buzz about native advertising
  • What content works best
  • How your company can benefit from native advertising
  • View successful Native Advertising examples

Why you should attend:

  • Native Advertising will add value to the user experience by changing ads from unwelcome interruptions to a natural, integral part of how people consume information
  • Discover a new way to reach your audience, beyond traditional media
  • Native advertising increases your ad’s exposure with the ability of being featured in a variety of platforms, which include print advertorials, television, radio, and social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter


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