Webinar: Interactive Product Spotlight

Interactive Product Spotlights: Let Your Product Tell Its Own Story Interactively

Customers can explore your products through a clean, dynamic, multi-media experience. An Interactive Product Spotlight (IPS) is like a microsite that exclusively details your product or service. View this webinar to discover the unique benefits of IPS, such as:

  • Promoted through a targeted email to 15,000 industry professionals 
  • Hosted for one year and can be embedded on your website or Facebook page 
  • Lead information and analytics of customer views
  • A variety of features including video + photos, product description, technical specs, testimonials, case studies and other supporting text/documents

Why you should attend:

  • IPS offers a unique and highly-engaging deliverable that can be used for both marketing and sales
  • Learn how the analytics provide insight into what specific content your customers are consuming
  • IPS allows you to promote through a lead generating co-branded email blast deployed to the BNP audience of your choice


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