Online Retargeting

Online Retargeting

Retargeting is an online advertising program that can help extend the reach of your ads to our website audience and boost brand recall. With this option you will be able to track who browses our website and then displays your ads to these website browsers again as they travel to other websites.

Orangetap Marketing
Clear Seas Research

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Online Retargeting – How It Works 

1. Your company places various size web ads on our website

2. Potential customers visit our website and we capture data on our visitors

3. Potential customers leave our website

4. Later, the potential customers surf the web and start seeing your ads on other websites, wherever they go online!

5. Increase brand recall exponentially and recapture their interest to bring them to your site


Your campaign is monitored by an actual person and is adjusted for best results
Ads retarget visitors on high quality sites across networks
Track your impressions and clicks to your ads
Tracking of post-impression activity

Ad Sizes 

Multiple ad sizes and positions provided with each program

Leaderboard: 728x90
Medium Rectangle: 300x250
Skyscraper: 160x600
Mobile Banner: 320x50


Online Sponsorships & Targeted Ads options are available to all BNP Media brands.