Online Display Ads

Online Display Ads

Online Display Ads are an effective way to create clicks to your website. BNP Media aligns all of our websites with Internet Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) standards in static or animated ads that appear throughout the pages of the publication websites. All BNP Media websites are responsive designed,  which means editorial content and advertising is presented in a readable and engaging manner for viewers across all devices.

New for 2018!
BNP Media brands are moving to a CPM selling model in 2018. CPM stands for cost per thousand impressions and represents the price an advertiser pays for every 1,000 ad impressions served on our website. You can buy impressions based on either your advertising budget or goals for exposure to our audience. This ensures your ad will be seen repeatedly by the industry professionals you want to reach.

Leaderboard & Super Leaderboard
Wide Skyscraper & Half-Page
Medium Rectangle
Rectangle & Mobile Banner

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Clear Seas Research

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Leaderboard: Prominent placement above the content on all pages (ROS), which is positioned directly below the site header, (expandable version available under Rich Media)
Desktop: 728 x 90 | Tablet: 728 x 90 | Mobile: 320 x 50

Super Leaderboard: Larger ad size  runs on desktop view, positioned same as the Leaderboard
Desktop: 970 x 90 | Tablet: 728 x 90 | Mobile: 320 x 50

Wide Skyscraper: ROS ad appears in the third column amidst article content (expandable version available under Rich Media)
Desktop: 160 x 600 | Tablet: 160 x 600 | Mobile: 300 x 250

Half-Page: Larger ad size runs on desktop and tablet views, positioned same as Wide Skyscraper
Desktop; 300 x 600 | Tablet: 300 x 600 | Mobile: 300 x 250

Medium Rectangle: ROS ad appears in the third column, slightly lower on the page
Desktop: 300 x 250 | Tablet: 300 x 250 | Mobile: 300 x 250 

Rectangle: Home page only ad appears directly below the news sections in the first column and follows the visitor down the page
Desktop: 180 x 150 | Tablet: 180 x 150 | Mobile: 180 x 150

Mobile Banner: Home page only ad placed in the feature column
Desktop: 320 x 50 | Tablet: 320 x 50 | Mobile: 320 x 50  
Upgrade to Expandable Mobile Banner: 320 x 415


Responsive sites increase exposure, awareness and potential user interaction
Unified ad tracking allows for a condensed single report for easier analysis
Select multiple ad positions to maximize your marketing message throughout the site


Products are available on all BNP Media brands’ sites.


View here for the Online Display Ad Specifications document.
All ad sizes are in pixels. 
ROS is run of site.