Digital Edition

Digital Edition

Digital Editions are a replica of print editions with the added benefit of interactive options. View a sample Digital Edition to see each of the options in action.

View a Digital Edition sales book with all of our advertising options.

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Digital Edition Options

Sponsorship: Exclusive space that appears next to the front cover; it is the first thing readers see.

Animation: Increases engagement with dynamic, interactive advertisements

Article Text View: Allows readers a "text only" view and can be resized, translated, printed and translated to various languages

Margin Ads: Add vertical or horizontal ad units next to pages

Audio: Add an audio advertisement or capture readers' attention with music

Video: Embed a video or add a custom icon to open video in a popup window

Slide Show: Entertain readers by turning digital content into a multi-media production

Interstitial: Pages slide up in front of the reader, requiring the reader to click through in order to access content and can be assigned to any page within an issue. 


Enhances standard pages
Encourages interaction
Increases reader engagement
Tracking available for many options


Digital Edition options are available to all BNP Media brands.


(Specs provided by Bluetoad)

Rotating Ads
Horizontal Margin Ads: 728x90 (FULL AD), 160x90, 350x90, 540x90
Vertical Margin Ads: 120x600 (Vertical Skyscraper), 120x90, 120x192, 120x294, 120x396
Wide Vertical Margin Ads: 160x600 (Vertical Wide Skyscraper), 160x90, 160x192, 160x294, 160x396
Format: PNG, GIF, or JPG
Colors: 256 colors or less
Resolution: 72 dpi
Size: 40k (40,000 bytes) or less
Animation: Within ad units: 30 seconds maximum, without being re-initiated by the user. 15 seconds maximum for total animation

Additional Info
Full Page Magazine Advertisement, Provided as PDF
Logo with link to website

  • Publisher: 265 x 65 px
  • iPhone: 64 x 64 px

Video must be uploaded in either MP4, F4V or FLV video format with the following requirements:

  • The maximum file size for a video is 100MB.
  • The recommended bitrate is between 300kb/s and 700kb/s.
  • Videos must have a duration of 1 second or more.
  • The only supported audio codec for FLV files is MP3.
  • MP4 files must use the H.264 or x264 codecs for video and the AAC or MP3 codecs for audio.