Custom eNews

Custom eNews

Custom eNews consist of various digital strategies to connect with readers and acquire leads. All Custom eNews are co-branded with a viewer-trusted BNP Media brand to increase deliverability, views and clicks. Options include: sending your own proprietary editorial or educational content; or sending readers an eNewsletter containing a brief description of your eBook, white paper or digital supplement, providing direct access to your content. These eNewsletters are customized to your needs.

Roofing Contractor/Blico
Dairy Foods/Ingredion
Beverage Industry/Kyowa

Orangetap Marketing
Clear Seas Research

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Drive traffic to your website or materials
Co-branding with a BNP Media brand assures readers that you are a reliable source of information
A variety of deployment options to meet your needs


Custom eNews are available to all BNP Media brands.


The following information must be provided when placing an eNewsletter ad:
Start and end/thru dates of ad campaign
Name of the BNP Media publication website the ad is to run on [with specific page(s) & location(s) within the page if applicable]
Creative for the ad (the file to be used, or related artwork and requirements if we are to create it)
Web address that the ad should link to (target URL)

Custom eNews Ad Sizes
Banner: 468 x 60 pixels
Skyscraper: 160 x 600 pixels OR 120 x 600 pixels
Vertical Rectangle: 240 x 400 pixels
Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250 pixels
Sizes may not be available on all brands, ask your representative for details.

File Size: 40k or less
Resolution: 72dpi
Format: JPG, GIF/Animated GIF only; no Flash files in emails/eNewsletters, PNG (standard eNewsletters only)

Additional Information
Text Ads: You can also include text ads in eNewsletters; however, these should be kept to approximately 50 words or less. A small image may also be used to supplement the text ad.
Videos: Sponsored videos can also be included. A screenshot of the video should be linked to the hosting site for the video. The screenshot should be 300 x 250 pixels or smaller. Videos cannot be embedded directly into eNewsletters since not all email clients are capable of playing rich media.

Email rendering with Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010
Please note that the Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 email systems DO NOT support animated gifs. For those recipients who use Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010, the ad will be static; only the first frame will display. Therefore, if your ad is an animated gif, be sure to put your call to action in the first frame.