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Creating the Group

In 2016, BNP Media established the FOOD | BEVERAGE | PACKAGING GROUP (FBP). The FBP is driven by a customer centric focus. We place our customers’ success at the center of our business philosophy, operations, products and ideas. We will accomplish this goal by aligning our customers within their appropriate market, audience and product objectives.

About FBP

Customer Centric Approach Video Strategy in Developing the Group

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Meet the FBP Team

The History of BNP Media


From what started as a one-title publishing house in 1926 has become one of the largest privately held B2B media companies in the U.S. We began with a weekly issue of The Electric Refrigeration News incorporated by Business News Publishing Company.


In 1983, BNP began growing through start-ups and acquisitions.


By 2004, BNP became BNP Media to reflect the changes in electronic and in-person mediums.


In 2016, the FOOD | BEVERAGE | PACKAGING GROUP was established. Today, BNP Media is a fourth-generation, privately held company producing more than 50 brands and 40 events. And our mission remains the same:

BNP Media helps people succeed in business with superior information.

For years, BNP Media has been serving multiple industries with our leading B2B publications, digital offerings and in-person events. We continue to evolve in order to bring our customers closer to their customers.

Consult with the FBP team to learn more.