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We've changed business tactics to better serve our customers with an expanded platform of trusted brands and products. The FBP builds its strength and versatility from the breadth and depth of market coverage and content.

Contact an FBP Sales Team member. We're here to strategize and support your success.

FBP Principals
- We’ve changed our business tactics based on the direction of our customers’ focus
- An expanded platform for the content we supply to a community of industry professionals
- Trusted brands and events that serve as the building blocks of the FBP
- Serving our customers’ desired outcomes with relevant product solutions
- One single source of contact with a support team

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The FBP produces several brands and events within this market, with a full spectrum of products that coincide with each. Learn about the versatility of the FBP as a collective group, while getting to know each brand and related events.

Learn about these brands listed below or visit our event pages.

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