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The FBP builds its strength and versatility from the breadth and depth of market coverage and content. Each brand falls within several markets and comprehensive content themes, which cross-over and expand the overall reach of the FBP as a collective, comprehensive group.


Breadth of market coverage refers to horizontal markets: 
BROAD content that speaks to the overall processes of food and beverage equipment, ingredients and packaging.

Depth of market coverage refers to vertical markets: 
FOCUSED industry segments, targeting a specific market, and are encompassed within the horizontal markets.

Use the FBP Markets chart to select brands to advertise in. Make your decision based on the vertical and horizontal markets you fall within.


The FOOD | BEVERAGE | PACKAGING GROUP has examined our content to find common topics of interest across our brands. Each of the following THEMES has a subset of more specific topics.

Each of the themes's lists has a subset of more specific topics, which relate to our magazine's editorial calendars. We have five main Themes, with a subset of categories. Details will be available soon for all of our themes. Ask your sales strategists for details.


The FBP reaches various levels of professionals within the industry:

  • Corporate Management & Administration
  • Plant Operations/Production
  • Engineering
  • Warehousing/Distribution/Logistics
  • R&D/Product Development/QA/QC
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Design
  • Purchasing

Visit the FBP brand pages to get a closer look at our audience. 

 Meet the FBP Team