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The FOOD | BEVERAGE | PACKAGING GROUP highlights features, reports and articles coming up for future issues. Take a look at what we have planned to help create a targeted marketing strategy. There are also a number of special opportunities available in 2018.

FBP Editorial Highlights

Beverage Industry

March Editorial Highlights | April Editorial Highlights | More from Beverage Industry
March "New" Editorial: Category Focus — Drink & Cocktail Mixers — As consumers embrace their amateur mixology skills, beverage-makers are developing new, unique drink and cocktail mixers to support this bourgeoning trend. Ingredient Spotlight — Grains & Nuts: Vegan and natural trends are contributing to an increase in beverage
manufacturers incorporating grains and nuts in their formulations.
April Special Report: Annual Soft Drink Report — Consumers’ interest in healthy beverages continues to grow. Learn how this macro trend has impacted the carbonated soft drink (CSD) category in terms of trends and performance.


March Editorial Highlights | April Editorial Highlights |  More from BRANDPACKAGING
March's Value Added: FREE Product Preview- Print
April's More Opportunities: Rising Designers to Watch: Do you know a talented young package designer? BRANDPACKAGING’s June issue will feature profiles of young designers who have the skills to shape the packaging design industry well into the future. Help us identify these rising stars and tell the stories of how they are innovating packaging that excites consumers and brand owners.

Candy Industry 

March Editorial Highlights | April Editorial Highlight | More from Candy Industry
March Show Coverage: ISM - Readers discover what trends buzzed through the various halls of the International Sweets & Biscuits Fair in Cologne, the world’s largest display of confections.
April Corporate Profile: Bazooka Candy Bars - Bazooka Candy Brands manufactures and markets the popular lollipop brands Ring Pops, Push Pops and Baby Bottle Pops as well as other candy and gum products such as Juicy Drop and its iconic namesake, Bazooka Bubble Gum.  In this issue, you will learn more about the brand, its history, and where it is headed.

Dairy Foods

March Editorial Highlights | April Editorial Highlights | More from Dairy Foods
March's Webinar: March’s webinar focuses on Ice Cream Outlook & Trends. Unlike some other categories associated with indulgence, the ice cream segment has been riding a growth wave over the past couple of years. Growth drivers include creative new flavors, organic and all-natural formulations, and more.
April's Show Issue: Food Safety Summit | May 7-10, 2018 | Rosemont, IL

Flexible Packaging

March Editorial Highlights | April Editorial Highlights | More from Flexible Packaging
March's Bonus Distribution: FPA Annual Meeting | March 13-15 | Flordia
April's Show Previews: NPE, FTA, CONVERTERS EXPO SHOW PREVIEWS: The 2018 spring season kicks off with a trio of trade shows important to the flexible packaging market. We’ll preview Converters Expo (Green Bay; April 17-18), FTA Annual Forum/InfoFlex (Indianapolis; May 6-9) and NPE (May 7-11).

Food Engineering

March Editorial Highlights | April Editorial Highlights | More from Food Engineering
March's Special Report:  Upgrading Legacy Plants-  View Additional Plant Opportunities. 
April's Issue Bonus Distributions:  Food Safety Summit | May 7-10 • Rosemont, IL
PACK EXPO East | April 16-18 • Philadelphia, PA
International Cheese Tech Expo | April 17-19 • Milwaukee, WI
FA&M Conference and Expo | April 8-11 • Bonita Springs, FL
International Powder & Bulk Solids Conf. | April 24-26 • Rosemont, IL

Independent Processor

April Editorial Highlights | More from Independent Processor
April Bonus Distribution: Food Safety Summit - Rosemont, IL, May 7-10                                                                      


March Editorial Highlights | April Editorial Highlights | More from INDUSTRIA ALIMENTICIA
March Feature: Directorio Industrial - The most comprehensive resource guide of supplier data for the Latin American food and beverage industry.
April Cover Story:  Top Latin American Food Companies By Country - When gathering the data of the leading companies in Latin America, we find that the food and beverage sectors continue to be strong. The companies have gone shopping in the continent and several important acquisitions show the potential of the sector. Investment between companies shows confidence in the market.

Packaging Strategies

March Editorial Highlights | April Editorial Highlights | More from Packaging Strategies
March's Special Lead Generation: Robotics/Automation eBook: Align your marketing message with a digital book entirely focused on an important aspect of the industry to receive qualified LEADS. View eBook Opportunities
April's BONUS DISTRIBUTIONS: Converters Expo: April 2018 | Green Bay, WI; Interphex: April 17-19 | New York, NY; PACK EXPO East: April 16-18 | Philadelphia, PA

Prepared Foods

March Editorial Highlights | April Editorial Highlights  More from Prepared Foods
March is the State of the Industry, Retail New Products Issue: a must-read and must sponsor issue! Learn more.
April Culinary Creations
focuses on Up-Tempo Latin: Think spice! Spice Blends, chili peppers sauces and more.

Refrigerated & Frozen Foods

March Editorial Highlights | More from Refrigerated & Frozen Foods
March's Cover Story: Top 150 Frozen Foods Processors Report - A ranking of the Top 25 frozen food processors in each of the six major product categories.

Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery

March Editorial Highlights  | April Editorial Highlights | More from Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery
March Cover Story: Snack Producer of the Year
April Bonus Distribution: Food Safety Summit, NRA and Sweets & Snacks Expo

The National Provisioner

March Editorial Highlights | April Editorial Highlights | More from The National Provisioner
March Special Supplement: The Food Safety Report - Our annual Food Safety Report returns, and it’s better than ever! The National Provisioner, already the LEADING MEAT INDUSTRY PUBLICATION in food-safety coverage, again has the foremost experts in the field writing about the latest trends, new food-safety technologies, review of regulatory issues and operational advice. All this in advance of the Food Safety Summit in Rosemont, Ill., in May this year.
April: Sourcebook Directory/Buyer's Guide - The National Provisioner offers its annual, comprehensive listing of suppliers and contact information, organized alphabetically as well as by product, giving processors an easy-to-use buyer’s guide linking them quickly to what they need to succeed.

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