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The FOOD | BEVERAGE | PACKAGING GROUP highlights features, reports and articles coming up for future issues. Take a look at what we have planned to help create a targeted marketing strategy. There are also a number of special opportunities still available for 2017.

2017 FBP Editorial Highlights

Beverage Industry

November Editorial Highlights| December Editorial Highlights | More from Beverage Industry
November Special Report: Craft Beer Report
December Special Report: Innovations of the Year


October/November Editorial Highlights | December Special Issue |  More from BRANDPACKAGING
October/November's Cover Story:  Private Labels - From global retailing giants such as Walmart and Kroger to smaller chains, many retailers are expanding their private brands. See the trends driving this determined growth.
December's Special Issue:  Get the best value and most exposure for your company by running a display ad in the BRANDPACKAGING Design Gallery Directory

Candy Industry 

November Editorial Highlights | December Editorial Highlights | More from Candy Industry
November Show Coverage: ECRM - Candy Industry continues its coverage of everyday and summer seasonal products displayed at the ECRM planning session held in Orlando. A slew of new product launches promise to dazzle consumers young and old.
December Special Issue: Goldbook

Dairy Foods

November Editorial Highlights | December Editorial Highlights | More from Dairy Foods
November's Issue: ANNUAL STATE OF THE INDUSTRY REPORT - #1 Read Issue of the Year!
December's Cover Story: 2017 Processor of the Year- Featuring a milk marketing cooperative and dairy food processor that serves more than 13,000 members, Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) is Dairy Foods’ 2017 Processor of the Year.

Flexible Packaging

November Editorial Highlights | December Editorial Highlights | More from Flexible Packaging
November's Cover Story: EMERGING AND INNOVATIVE CONVERTERS: Through strategic acquisitions and a sound business model, TC Transcontinental has quickly morphed into one of the top North American converters of flexible packaging. We’ll profile the company in our November cover story.
December's Must-Advertise Bonus: Reserve your space in Flexible Packaging's Buyers Guide- the packaging industry's complete resource for equipment, materials, supplies and services!

Food Engineering

November Editorial Highlights | December Editorial Highlights | More from Food Engineering
November's AD BONUS:  FREE Supplier Literature/Product Review Guide & a FREE podcast on FE's website for full-page advertisers.
December's Food Engineering Exclusive:  Fabulous Food Plants: FE editors take an inside look at innovative processors that focus on lean manufacturing, sustainability and food safety initiatives.

Independent Processor

December Editorial Highlights | More from Independent Processor
December Cover Story: PARADISE LOCKER MEATS - A small processor in suburban Kansas City is helping to deliver the farm-to-fork dining experience to customers across the United States.


October Editorial Highlights | November Editorial Highlights | More from INDUSTRIA ALIMENTICIA
October Cover Story: Annual Mexico Report
November Cover Story: Plant of the Year in Latin America

Packaging Strategies

November Editorial Highlights | December Editorial Highlights |  More from Packaging Strategies
November's Pre-Show Coverage: Global Pouch West | December 5-7 | Anaheim, CA - What to expect at this year’s forum, including not-to-be-missed presentations.
December's Must-Advertise Bonus: Reserve your space in Packaging Strategies’ Resource Guide – the industry’s ONLY directory listing equipment, material and automation suppliers to the food,
beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care and household packaging industries.

Prepared Foods

October Editorial Highlights | November Editorial Highlights | December Editorial Highlights | More from Prepared Foods
October's Special Bonus Coverage: Featuring the 2016-2017 Spirit of Innovation Award Winners
November New Products & Trends: Ancient Grain Goodness, Soups and Bakery Foods
December's Future Forecasts: Industry experts and data analysts sound off on 2018's consumer trends, attitudes and influences for new foods, beverages and packaging. 

Refrigerated & Frozen Foods

November Editorial Highlights | December Editorial Highlights | More from Refrigerated & Frozen Foods
November Cover Story: The 2017 FROZEN FOODS PROCESSOR OF THE YEAR  - Dairy Foods’ annual report card of the dairy industry reviews the most significant new product introductions of 2017, trends in packaging and ingredients, and prospects for the year ahead.
December Cover Story: Processors to Watch in 2018 - R&FF profiles a processor in each of the six categories that exemplifies food safety, environmental initiatives, plant expansions, etc.

Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery

November Editorial Highlights | December Editorial Highlights | More from Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery
November Product Focus: Private Label
December Special Report: Top 50 Snack & Bakery Companies

The National Provisioner

November Editorial Highlights | December Editorial Highlights | More from The National Provisioner
November Special Issue: 2018 Consumer Trends Report
December Show Preview: IPPE 2018

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