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The FOOD | BEVERAGE | PACKAGING GROUP highlights features, reports and articles coming up for future issues. Take a look at what we have planned to help create a targeted marketing strategy. There are also a number of special opportunities available in 2018.

FBP Editorial Highlights

Beverage Industry

December Editorial Highlights | January Editorial Highlights | More from Beverage Industry
December Special Report: Innovations of the Year
January Cover Story: Bottler of the Year


December Special Issue | January/February Editorial Highlights |  More from BRANDPACKAGING
December's Special Issue:  Get the best value and most exposure for your company by running a display ad in the BRANDPACKAGING Design Gallery Directory
January/February's Cover Story:  State of the Industry - BRANDPACKAGING measures the pulse of the packaging design industry. Based on an extensive survey, we look at packaging’s role in brand building, challenges facing brand owners, resources companies are employing, as well as design trends in graphics and structure.

Candy Industry 

December Editorial Highlights | January Editorial Highlights| More from Candy Industry
December Special Issue: Goldbook
January Cover Story: Global Top 100

Dairy Foods

January Editorial Highlights | February Editorial Highlights | More from Dairy Foods
January's Special Issue: BOGO - 17th Annual Supplier Capabilities Spotlights - Buy a ½-page or larger and get your company’s profile next to your ad. Check out extended Dairy opportunities in Packaging Strategies and Food Engineering
February's Cover Story: Milk and NonDairy Beverage Outlook - We take a look at the near-term outlook for milk and nondairy beverages — and strategies to grow sales here. Find out what’s new in the field of milk and nondairy beverages.

Flexible Packaging

December Editorial Highlights | January/February Editorial Highlights | More from Flexible Packaging
December's Must-Advertise Bonus: Reserve your space in Flexible Packaging's Buyers Guide- the packaging industry's complete resource for equipment, materials, supplies and services!
January/February's Cover Story: 2018 Executive Forecast - Our panel of converters, suppliers and equipment manufacturers reflect on 2017 and sound off on what to expect in the flexible packaging industry in 2018.

Food Engineering

January Editorial Highlights | February Editorial Highlights | More from Food Engineering
January's Green Series:  LEED Certification—What it really means: This article will examine the benefits and different levels of LEED certification as well as explain what role operations plays in obtaining certification and the importance of using good benchmarking practices. Check out similar advertising opportunities in future issues.
February's Cover Story:  Automation Series: Using technology to engage employees. View Additional Automation Opportunities. 

Independent Processor

December Editorial Highlights | More from Independent Processor
December Cover Story: PARADISE LOCKER MEATS - A small processor in suburban Kansas City is helping to deliver the farm-to-fork dining experience to customers across the United States.


January Editorial Highlights | More from INDUSTRIA ALIMENTICIA
January Special Report: Annual Meat & Poultry Report

Packaging Strategies

January Editorial Highlights | February Editorial Highlights | More from Packaging Strategies
January's Cover Story: Top Innovations in Packaging - It’s no doubt that packaging has changed throughout the years … materials, design, capabilities and form all have evolved for better user interaction. In this cover story, we will explore some of the most notable innovations in packaging from the past year.
February's Bonus Distribution: Pharmapack: February 7-8 | Paris, France

Prepared Foods

December Editorial Highlights | January Editorial Highlights | More from Prepared Foods
December's Future Forecasts: Industry experts and data analysts sound off on 2018's consumer trends, attitudes and influences for new foods, beverages and packaging. 
January is BOGO: Buy a full page ad in January and get one free! Plus, our cover story on Clean Label and Culinary Creations has Magic Beans! 

Refrigerated & Frozen Foods

December Editorial Highlights | January Editorial Highlights | More from Refrigerated & Frozen Foods
December Cover Story: Processors to Watch in 2018 - R&FF profiles a processor in each of the six categories that exemplifies food safety, environmental initiatives, plant expansions, etc.
January's Cover Story: 2018 Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Processor of the Year - Honoring a chilled foods processor for year-over year growth and leadership in promotions, packaging, new products, plant expansions, etc.

Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery

January Editorial Highlights | February Editorial Highlights | More from Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery
January Cover Story: Best Snack & Bakery Products of 2017
February Bonus Distribution: AFFI Convention and Natural Products Expo West

The National Provisioner

January Editorial Highlights | February Editorial Highlights | More from The National Provisioner
January Cover Features: Crystal Lake Farms & IPPE On-Floor Issue
February Special Report: Seafood Report

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