Webinars’ Value As a Brand Awareness and Positioning Tool

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Webinars: Effective Branding and Positioning Tools

Webinars are effective ways to reach industry opinion leaders and influencers, according to BNP Media’s recently released research, the “Webinar Attendee Interest Study.” According to the study, corporate decision-makers like the content and format of webinars. In addition to reaching decision-makers at companies to which you currently sell, webinars can attract participants globally, potentially reaching customers you may have never targeted.

According to the research, senior executives at business-to-business (B2B) companies find webinars appealing because they don’t require time away from the office, but still provide access to new industry developments. The ability to ask questions to webinar presenters is especially popular with decision-makers, the research determined.

Executives not only find the content and format of webinars compelling, but they also provide the type of engagement that helps elevate the awareness and quality of products and brands.

22% | Percentage of webinar attendees from outside the United States

8% | Percentage of attendees of live webinars who return to view on-demand content

97% | Percentage of attendees who take action by sharing information, investigating companies or discussing with someone else

90% | Percentage of professionals who have attended a business webinar during the past 12 months

Not only are webinars considered an added-value to your company’s products, but the webinars also develop the desired branding message you want your products to reflect.

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