The ROI of Retargeting

The customers you are trying to reach online don’t just view their laptops and mobile devices as tools for work. They use their devices throughout the day for tasks ranging from running a business to coaching a youth soccer team. Retargeting enables you to keep your marketing message in front of potential customers on a wide variety of websites that fit their lifestyle, as well as their professional interests.

Here are just some of the benefits retargeting provides to marketers who want to make sure potential customers stay engaged with your brand.

Personalization | Retargeting fulfills one of the web’s earliest promises: That each web page would have content organized for each user. In the way Amazon can predict the next book you may like, retargeting is evolving into a tool that can show you ads for products you might like to know more about. Research shows that when users are presented with personalized advertising content, they are more likely to take action.

Increased Brand Recall | Unlike consumer product marketing where retargeting is focused on quick purchases, the business-to-business (B2B) buying cycle is typically an extended process that can take months to complete. Customers may not need the product now, but when they come back in two months and use Google for a related search, those who have seen retargeted advertisements will have greater post-impression recall of the product and brand. According to research, they are more likely to select your retargeting advertising-supported brand when they see it in the search results.

Increased Click-Through Success | Like increased brand recall, there is an increased likelihood that a user will click on a retargeted ad they see subsequently.

Higher Conversion Rates | Conversion rates (defined as when a customer responds to your offer) improve the longer you run a retargeting campaign. BNP encourages advertisers to run a campaign for at least three months in order to measure the long-term success of retargeting.

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