New to Online Advertising Retargeting? BNP Media Can Help

During the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing information about retargeting, the type of marketing that helps you stay in front of potential customers across the web—even when they are visiting consumer-oriented sites.

Since retargeting is new for most B2B marketers, BNP Media can help you get up and running. We can help you:

• Develop and execute a strategy.

• Gain quality insights and prove performance of media spend.

• Understand deeper insights on ad effectiveness.

• Optimize your campaigns.

Retargeting can use the ad sizes and formats you are already familiar with online. As with other digital advertising, we can also help you test a variety of formats and creative executions to see which works best in reaching your advertising objectives.

When running a BNP Media retargeting campaign, we recommend utilizing at least four different creative executions and formats to cover all desktop and mobile options. Testing and adjusting, over time, is the key to retargeting success.

To learn more about BNP Media’s retargeting services, click here.

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