How to Personalize Online Advertising With Retargeting

Consumer advertisers have the ability to advertise at a mass-market level. Online, they can use a lot of sophisticated methods to reveal the precise demographics of potential customers. With a big budget, consumer marketers can stir up demographic ingredients such as age, gender, household income, race, ethnicity and education to create a profile of the perfect potential customer.

Match that data with the traditional and digital media consumed by the perfect demographic, and you have your advertising strategy mapped out.

However, the job is more difficult for business-to-business (B2B) marketers. Other than interesting correlations, customer demographic profiles based on age and gender are of little to no importance in B2B online advertising. The factors that actually matter focus completely on the roles the potential buyers or influencers play in the procurement and purchasing processes of their business.

One of the most definitive indicators that an internet user may be a potential B2B customer is when he or she visits a industry website such as those developed and managed by BNP. Using retargeting, that site visit can be used to help personalize future advertising a user will see—advertising that is directly related to their professional work.

Using retargeting, business advertisers can now reach potential customers who have visited a specific BNP website related to their industry. Now rather than seeing ads irrelevant to their interest or profession, these customers will see an ad with a direct connection to their work.

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