BNP Media’s Specialty Coffee Days Bring Us Together

 “It was a great addition to the day. It made me get out of my office and interact with some other BNP employees. The coffee was great too!” 

Solidarity within an organization comes in many forms.  What better way to take a break in a busy day than to grab a cup of gourmet coffee, tea or hot chocolate, catch up with old friends and make new ones in an informal, fun setting.

Specialty Coffee Days are a regular feature at BNP Media headquarters in Troy, Michigan.  It gives us an excuse to pamper ourselves a bit through a catered event that also says “Thank You” for all the contributions made by our great people to our organization.  And Starbucks has nothing on the flavors and styles available on Specialty Coffee Days.  Cheesecake. Mocha or Caramel Latte.  Cinnamon Tea Latte.  Expresso shots.  Just take your pick.

“It was perfect. It really is a nice treat and a great opportunity to talk with someone you may have never even seen in the office before.”

There is familiarity and trust among the people of BNP Media and Specialty Coffee Days bring all age groups together to create a positive energy that lasts through the day.

One of the strongest parts of BNP Media’s culture is its ongoing commitment to employee engagement.  Among the many ways we foster social and inter-personal contact is through our volunteering efforts and our emphasis on creating unique experiences.  It is through testing of many different ideas and concepts that we find the most popular and meaningful ones for staff.

BNP Media hopes to expand coffee days to our staffs in Deerfield, Illinois and in New York City, high up on the 60th floor of the Empire State Building, so they can join in on the fun.

“It was a super cute set-up and I found myself chatting with coworkers I don’t usually see. The barista’s were friendly and it felt nice to be ‘treated’.”

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