BNP Media Launches Autonomous Vehicle Technology Brand

BNP Media has launched Autonomous Vehicle Technology—a new brand dedicated to the business-to-business autonomous vehicle industry. The first stage of this launch, the website, is now online. It will be joined in May with a twice-monthly e-newsletter, and a monthly print magazine will launch in January 2018. Autonomous Vehicle Technology is the first brand dedicated to covering the connectivity, advanced electronics, mobility services and collaboration that will comprise the age of autonomy.

With major vehicle OEMs and other parties making multi-billion dollar investments in autonomous (self-driving) vehicles, the rapid development of autonomous vehicles represents a convergence of technological achievements, as well as social trends like ride sharing or smart traffic control.  These technological achievements include in the areas of vehicle communications and networking, sensors and cameras, mapping and navigation, and machine learning.

“Autonomous vehicles will revolutionize transportation in many ways and promise to foster the growth of new businesses and industries, while all parties—product developers and manufacturers, engineers and researchers, regulators and consumers—rethink our relationship with the automobile and what it means ‘to drive’,” said Kevin Jost, Autonomous Vehicle Technology’s Editorial Director.

Autonomous Vehicle Technology will reach engineers and product developers at established automotive OEMs, suppliers, and infrastructure companies; new mobility suppliers and startups; as well as government regulators and researchers who are involved in autonomous vehicle development.

“We are thrilled to be the first brand to dedicate itself, online and in print, to the advanced technologies underpinning the rapidly emerging driverless vehicle industry, as we provide a broad range of information, educational, networking and market research resources to this sophisticated audience,” said BNP Media Co-CEO and Publisher Harper Henderson.

“We are excited to be a part of these changes as Autonomous Vehicle Technology informs the people forging these transformations in vehicle safety, productivity and convenience.”

For more information, please contact: Kevin Jost, Editorial Director ([email protected]); Matt Fasang, National Sales ([email protected]); or, Harper Henderson, Publisher ([email protected]).

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