How to Use Business-Related Research as Compelling Content

For business-to-business (B2B) marketers, one of the most engaging types of content is industry research. The findings can be used across all communication platforms and channels a company might use. Working with an independent research company like BNP Media’s Clear Seas Research, can give your customers insight into an emerging issue while serving as a hook for blog posts, news stories, infographics, eBooks and more! Here are five ways to use the results of your research.

News coverage: Press releases and content marketing activities like infographics, guest blog posts on popular industry websites and interviews with industry influencers can spread the impact of a survey across several forms of media.

Blog and social media posts: Generating news on your own blog posts and social media will get picked up by others if the findings of your survey are of interest to leaders in your industry. Each release of information about the research findings should be treated as a media campaign.

Conference and event presentations: New and interesting research will enable your analysts or others to present the findings at industry events and conferences.

Sales presentations: Customer prospects and existing customers may want to include senior executives in sales presentations if they include a package of survey results. You may even want to create a version of a presentation that is focused on getting your senior executives together with key individuals on the customer side on a regular basis.

Lead generation: Research results in the form of a whitepaper or eBook are great ways to generate leads if the surveys are viewed as important, must-read knowledge for your customers. Promoting such research findings in a compelling media format can provide you access to companies that may have previously been challenging to access.

Market research is a vital part of any company’s marketing process.  From helping better understand what an audience thinks of a company to what they want from products they use on a day to day basis, in today’s world research and results are key for any business to succeed.

Interested in having custom research done on your company and its products or services? Reach out to our B2B research experts at Clear Seas Research today!

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