How Interactive Product Spotlights Adds Energy to eBooks, White Papers

As we share in the BNP eBook, The BNP Media Guide to B2B Custom Media & Content Marketing, the web provides a constant flow of innovative opportunities that can be used to find new customers and build long-term relationships with existing ones.

Here’s one example: BNP and its custom publishing and marketing agency, Orangetap, have recently started producing an engaging, animated and effective digital marketing tool called Interactive Product Spotlights. Instead of static content appearing on a screen, an Interactive Product Spotlight is animated and interactive, providing the user the ability not only to see the page, but to move about it in an engaging way.

These examples display how much energy an Interactive Product Spotlight can create when compared to a traditional microsite or PDF. Clicking or tapping on any of the examples below will demonstrate the power of using a format that can take the customer inside your product, instead of just looking at it.




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