5 Ways You Can Use the Same Content in Completely Different Ways

“Create less, promote more.” That’s what Salma Jefri said four years ago about content marketing. It’s a quote that appears in almost every article written about repurposing content—including this one. It’s pervasive because it’s true. Content marketing is not about creating as much content as possible; it’s about getting your content in front of as many decision-makers as possible. One possible content marketing strategy entails creating gobs and gobs of content. A smarter strategy is creating quality content that can be repurposed in a variety of ways. Here are five suggestions:

1.  Collect how-tos for an eBook: Find your best and most popular how-to posts and compile them in an eBook. They could all be on the same topic and cover something very specific, or they could all be on different topics, allowing you to cast a wider net. A well-written introduction and clean design can pull them together.

2.  Whittle down a whitepaper: You may not realize how many content opportunities a single whitepaper affords. Blog posts pointing back to said whitepaper and infographics illustrating some of the most interesting points are just a few examples. Use an easy-to-use infographic maker like Canva, Piktochart or Venngage.

3.  Turn webinars into videos: A well-done B2B webinar takes effort—so why not use the momentum created to go to the next step? Webinars can easily be converted into video files to beef up your YouTube channel.

4.  Transform picture-perfect presentations: With a few tweaks, any presentation can easily be transformed into a slide deck, which you can post on LinkedIn’s SlideShare. The site, which boasts 70 million unique visitors a month, allows users to browse presentations, videos, documents and infographics by topic or user.

5.  Republish popular posts: OK, so this idea can’t exactly be described as “completely different,” but it’s effective. Find your most popular posts—i.e. the ones that still get clicks months or even years after they were originally published. Then, update and repost them—either to your blog or other sites like LinkedIn, Medium or Quora.

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