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Webinars’ Value as a Lead Generation Tool

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Countless surveys point to webinars as one of the best, most cost-effective ways for business-to-business (B2B) marketers to engage their customers. And one of the top reasons is lead generation. In “Measuring the Value of Webinars,” a 2016 survey of more than 750 industry professionals, more than half of the respondents said webinars generated lead counts that exceeded their expectations. And on average, they spent only $22 per webinar registrant.

The most qualified sales leads are engaged participants, and according to BNP research, B2B webinars are some of the most engaging to customers. Our survey found that:

92% | Percentage of B2B webinar attendees who download document presentations

81% | Asked the presenter a question

60% | Participated in a polling question Continue reading this article

Webinars’ Value As a Brand Awareness and Positioning Tool

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Webinars: Effective Branding and Positioning Tools

Webinars are effective ways to reach industry opinion leaders and influencers, according to BNP Media’s recently released research, the “Webinar Attendee Interest Study.” According to the study, corporate decision-makers like the content and format of webinars. In addition to reaching decision-makers at companies to which you currently sell, webinars can attract participants globally, potentially reaching customers you may have never targeted.

According to the research, senior executives at business-to-business (B2B) companies find webinars appealing because they don’t require time away from the office, but still provide access to new industry developments. The ability to ask questions to webinar presenters is especially popular with decision-makers, the research determined. Continue reading this article

The Value of Online Training

Business-to-business (B2B) marketers today realize the value of providing learning opportunities to those who purchase (or who are considering purchasing) their products and services, according to the recently released BNP Media’s “Webinar Attendee Interest Study.” (Download your free copy here.)

93% | The percentage of business professionals who, after attending a webinar, say they will attend another one in the future.

As revealed in previous BNP Media research into the value B2B customers place on training opportunities at live events, some customers view chances to learn how to use your product successfully as valuable as the product itself. In other words, webinars are viewed as an added-value to your products. Continue reading this article

Five best practices to follow when planning a business webinar

When is the best time to host a webinar? According to research by BNP Solutions, it appears that the middle of the week—and middle of the day—is the best time to host a business-to-business (B2B) webinar.

Here are five best practices that business and professional staff and managers look for when choosing to attend a webinar. Continue reading this article

Five reasons why B2B customers like webinars

BNP Solutions 66Business-to-business (B2B) marketers who host customer webinars rank them second only to live events in terms of marketing value, according to research conducted by BNP Media appearing in the current TrendWatch eBook, “Measuring the Value of Webinars.”

It’s easy to understand why marketers are positive about webinars: Their customers have come to view the online, real-time training opportunities as an educational tool rather than merely a front for a sales pitch. Marketers rank webinars highly because their customers who participate give them high marks—so much so that they become repeat customers. According to BNP Media research, more than 93 percent of professionals who attend a webinar say they will attend one in the future.

Here are five reasons your business customers like webinars. Continue reading this article

BNP research demonstrates marketing power of webinars

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There’s a reason webinars are one of the most widely used forms of online engagement for business-to-business (B2B) marketers. According to new research from BNP Solutions, webinars are an effective way to engage customers at various points along the customer journey—from the first point of contact to long after the sales lead becomes a loyal customer. BNP’s market research team surveyed more than 750 industry professionals to discover more about the marketing value and role of webinars. Here are some highlights from that research.vcvc

Webinars reach a hard-to-reach audience: BNP’s research found that nine out of 10 professionals have attended a business webinar in the past 12 months, with more than six webinars viewed per person. Twenty-two percent of webinar attendees were located outside of the United States, suggesting that webinars could be the next best thing to an in-person event. Continue reading this article

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