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Five Tips for Starting a Company Podcast

Your company probably has a website, blog and social media presence, but do you have a podcast? If not, it may benefit you to consider creating one. A podcast is a digital audio file that’s available via internet for downloading or streaming. Research shows that 40 percent of Americans age 12 or older have listened to a podcast at some point.

Anyone with an iPhone has immediate access to a wealth of podcasts, making them a powerful marketing tool. Podcasts can help you reach a new audience for your business, or they can help familiarize your current customers with your products or services. Plus, they’re easy to create. Use these five tips to start.

Determine your purpose or message. What’s the theme or goal of your podcast? What you teach or discuss depends on your industry, but your message should align with your company’s overall marketing strategy. Continue reading this article

Why a Social Media Strategy Is a Must, But Doesn’t Replace Your Advertising and Website

With each evolutionary step the web takes, business-to-business (B2B) marketers face a challenge. Do you shift your focus to shiny and new marketing resources, or do you continue investing in the tried-and-true?

This is especially challenging for B2B marketers because much of the buzz surrounding the latest web tools is often aimed at consumers—typically younger consumers. Determining the balance of new versus traditional resources can be a difficult decision and one that you must make in the context of your specific industry. Look at the ways your potential customers use the web for research, discovery and decision-making.

One good rule of thumb is to use social media as an outpost wherever you find your customers. If you discover a concentration of people in your industry actively use one particular social media service, such as LinkedIn or Twitter, make sure to provide a steady flow of updates, helpful links and, especially, links to news stories you post on your business’ website. Continue reading this article

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