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New to Online Advertising Retargeting? BNP Media Can Help

During the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing information about retargeting, the type of marketing that helps you stay in front of potential customers across the web—even when they are visiting consumer-oriented sites.

Since retargeting is new for most B2B marketers, BNP Media can help you get up and running. We can help you:

• Develop and execute a strategy.

• Gain quality insights and prove performance of media spend.

• Understand deeper insights on ad effectiveness.

• Optimize your campaigns. Continue reading this article

How to Measure the Results of an Online Retargeting Campaign

At the end of each retargeting campaign, an advertiser receives an in-depth report that combines the information you’ve tracked while the campaign has been taking place.

Metrics Measured for Each Creative Used During a Campaign

  • Impressions: The number of ads that appear on the pages that users visit during a campaign.
  • Clicks: The number of times an ad is clicked on by a user.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): The ratio of clicks on one of your ads to the number of total ad impressions.
  • Post-Impression Reporting: Users may see an ad numerous times before acting on it. They may even act on the message by going back to an advertiser’s website and bypassing the ad. Post-impression conversion tracking reveals such delayed impact of an ad.

The Value of Post-Impression Recognition

Retargeting provides a benefit that has been considered one of the pillars of effective advertising in the mass media age: frequency. In short, it means that the more times potential customers see your ad, the more likely they are to recall it when it’s time for them to make a purchasing decision. This principle is sometimes called “The Rule of 7” to represent the number of times it takes for a customer to act.

With the long purchasing cycle of many business products and services, exposure to your brand and message is especially important over an extended period.

Why is this important? Many potential customers don’t click on an ad; instead, they go directly to the advertiser’s website or use Google. Repeated exposure to your brand from retargeting increases the likelihood the customer will recognize your brand and click it during such a search.

By placing a simple pixel on your site as well, BNP can track those who saw your ads, but visited your site without clicking—a critical component of a retargeting campaign’s success.

To learn more about B2B retargeting, click here.

The ROI of Retargeting

The customers you are trying to reach online don’t just view their laptops and mobile devices as tools for work. They use their devices throughout the day for tasks ranging from running a business to coaching a youth soccer team. Retargeting enables you to keep your marketing message in front of potential customers on a wide variety of websites that fit their lifestyle, as well as their professional interests.

Here are just some of the benefits retargeting provides to marketers who want to make sure potential customers stay engaged with your brand. Continue reading this article

How to Personalize Online Advertising With Retargeting

Consumer advertisers have the ability to advertise at a mass-market level. Online, they can use a lot of sophisticated methods to reveal the precise demographics of potential customers. With a big budget, consumer marketers can stir up demographic ingredients such as age, gender, household income, race, ethnicity and education to create a profile of the perfect potential customer.

Match that data with the traditional and digital media consumed by the perfect demographic, and you have your advertising strategy mapped out.

However, the job is more difficult for business-to-business (B2B) marketers. Other than interesting correlations, customer demographic profiles based on age and gender are of little to no importance in B2B online advertising. The factors that actually matter focus completely on the roles the potential buyers or influencers play in the procurement and purchasing processes of their business. Continue reading this article

What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting. It is a great marketing buzzword, but what does it actually mean, and how does it work? Retargeting is a form of online advertising that helps keep your brand, product or service in front of your desired audience.

You have probably seen retargeting used by consumer product marketers. You visit a retail website to check out a new rain jacket, and the next thing you know, that same rain jacket is popping up on the other websites you visit.

This type of advertising also works for business-to-business (B2B) marketers. A retargeting campaign on a BNP Media website can position your products or services in front of new customers. Here’s how it works: When a potential customer visits an industry-focused BNP Media website where you advertise, the visit is recorded with a small cookie-like browser code called a pixel. Later, when that same customer visits one of the thousands of websites in BNP Media’s retargeting network, your advertisement will appear on that browser. Continue reading this article

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