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What B2B marketing Live Events can learn from a presidential inauguration

On Friday, January 20, 2017, the 58th U.S. presidential inaugural ceremonies will take place in Washington, D.C. (Presidents have taken the oath of office 69 times, but 11 inaugural ceremonies did not take place for reasons related to war, presidential deaths or resignation.)

Inaugurations are among the largest one-day live events in the United States. While new presidents add their own personal touches to the inaugural events and pageantry, the logistics are planned months, or even years, in advance by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. Continue reading this article

Top Five Facets of Live Events Favored by Attendees

From tradeshows to educational seminars, we’re often spoiled when it comes to getting out of the office and heading to an event. As an attendee, the array of event options is great, but for an event coordinator, the task of planning a memorable event—and getting people to come—can be daunting.

Our research revealed that people who attend your Live Events are eager to learn more about your products and services—and you. They are not satisfied with simply looking at your website—they want to meet the people they are doing business with. Attendees think of Live Events as not only an opportunity to gain industry knowledge, but also a chance to network and forge lasting connections.

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Secrets to Great Live Event Handouts

The ingredients that make Live Event promotional literature and specialty advertising items memorable and effective

BNP’s research into the role of Live Events in driving business-to-business sales reveals how important and effective such events are for both sellers and customers. Creating new relationships and networking with existing friends, colleagues and customers are among the top reasons sellers attend.

But attendance is only part of the puzzle. Breaking the ice with new people is awkward for some people. Having something to hand to a potential customer, media member or influencer can provide an opportunity to get through that first step. That’s the reason savvy and seasoned sellers put thought into the information and items they provide to the people they encounter. Continue reading this article

Live Events Swag: Items That Work

We were disappointed to learn recently that the highly publicized Oscar swag bags aren’t actually given out, but are instead a promotional event that is separate from the awards show. But it is understandable that not everyone who is nominated for an Oscar has the money to pay taxes on exotic merchandise priced at more than $250,000.

These specialty items may not be as swell as the swag bags at the Oscars (or have an impact on taxes), but they will keep customers thinking about you long after the Live Event is over. Continue reading this article

Hashtag Etiquette for Live Events Social Media

Drawing of a bird holding a hashtag for social media tag


An easy way to get your company noticed at the next Live Event is to perfect the art of hashtagging. Encourage attendees and potential customers to interact with you by tweeting or posting about the elements of the Live Event that really matter to them—from workshops’ valuable lessons to insightful speaker quotes to products that will make their lives better. Drive traffic to your booth with posts promising low-stress networking events or contests where they can win fun prizes. Hashtags are an online conversational hook—they grab loyal customers and curious prospects and bring everyone to the party.

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Bonus: How a B2B Live Event First Made Twitter Famous


Caption: Twitter first gained fame in March 2007 at the South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) Live Event in Austin, Texas. Here the founders of Twitter accept a SXSW Web Award in the Blog category. (Photo: Scott Beale)

It was a gathering of geeks where Twitter first got its groove

These days, it’s not unusual to attend a Live Event and see a monitor displaying tweets from the event or from people watching a live feed of the event. But most people have forgotten that Twitter first became popular thanks to a Live Event that displayed tweets (before they were called tweets!) in a similar format. Continue reading this article

What Drives Attendees to a Live Event?


BNP recently conducted a survey on all facets of Live Events and their role in the mix of marketing and media that a B2B customer finds valuable. Events must meet a high bar of importance for a business to agree to fund the travel and registration expenses of one or more employees. Such a high bar goes beyond those obvious expenses, however: There is also the time away from work and the missed opportunities of multiple employees. Attendance at an event must provide a convincing return on investment for the attendee to be able to justify it to his or her employer

For that reason, one of our areas of research was designed to help explore the factors that are considered by attendees and their managers in deciding whether an event is valuable enough to justify the investment.

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BNP Survey: The Top Six Reasons Exhibitors and Sponsors Participate in an Event


Live Events are alive and kicking, according to research conducted by BNP. Although the digital era has made it easier to conduct business, our survey revealed that sellers and customers still place a high value on participating in Live Events. People who attend your Live Events are eager to learn about your products and services—and also learn more about the people behind them. Attendees view Live Events as a community gathering where they not only grow their list of sales prospects, but also grow their knowledge of the industry and friendships that can last an entire career. Continue reading this article

Five Ways B2B Marketers Are Using Social Media to Support Their Brand


Social media and B2B used to go together like peanut butter and mayonnaise. As in, they didn’t—or, at least, B2B marketers thought they weren’t friends. But not only are greater numbers of B2B marketers using social media to support their brands and engage with customers, they’re getting pretty good at it. For its 2016 Social Media Impact Report, marketing analytics provider TrackMaven analyzed more than 500,000 social media posts and over 100 million social interactions from 316 leading B2B brands on five key social networks from January to December 2015. They found large follower bases and impressive engagement ratios—some as high as those enjoyed by the biggest winners in the B2C space. How do they do it? By employing some of these ideas:

Thinking beyond LinkedIn: LinkedIn is used by the vast majority of B2B marketers (upwards of 90 percent use the platform), but it’s hardly the most effective platform when it comes to supporting their brand and engaging with followers, according to the TrackMaven report. For better results, look to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest. And what about Twitter? TrackMaven found that, across industries, B2B brands have an average engagement ratio on Twitter that is below two interactions per post per 1,000 followers.

Adding a human touch: “People don’t want to engage with a faceless robot,” explains Wendy Marx in a recent Business2Community post on B2B social media best practices. In posts, refer to your company as “we” and don’t be afraid to be conversational and even a little witty, like this funny Instagram post from Novartis:

Who says great scientists always have to be serious? #NextGenScience #CelebrateScience #HappyFriday ⚗

A photo posted by Novartis (@novartis) on

Perfecting the art of the brag: You don’t have to overtly pat your company on the back, but why not demonstrate your organization’s values by showcasing all of the ways you’re helping customers, communities and employees be the best they can be? Here’s one from Merck’s Facebook page showing the volunteer work of its employees:

Taking followers behind the scenes: Oracle, which made ClickZ’s list for 10 B2B brands that are killing it on social media, offers frequent glimpses into their offices. Here’s one of their fun tweets:

Encouraging user-generated content: Instagram has more than 1,000 posts tagged with #LifeAtCapGemini, a campaign Cap Gemini launched to help its followers learn more about the consulting company’s employees and culture. Here’s a sampling:

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