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How B-to-B Content Marketing Can Add Value to a Business Product or Service

As we explain in the recently released BNP eBook, The BNP Media Guide to B2B Custom Media & Content Marketing, the term “content marketing” is associated with everything from SEO to lead generation. But often a company discovers that the best role for content isn’t just in how you market a product, but in how you make content a critical part of the product itself.

Content can make the difference between a product that is viewed as a commodity by a business-to-business customer and the same product that’s viewed as superior. A commodity widget, for example, can surpass its competitor by including better instructions or customer support. Continue reading this article

5 Ways You Can Use the Same Content in Completely Different Ways

“Create less, promote more.” That’s what Salma Jefri said four years ago about content marketing. It’s a quote that appears in almost every article written about repurposing content—including this one. It’s pervasive because it’s true. Content marketing is not about creating as much content as possible; it’s about getting your content in front of as many decision-makers as possible. One possible content marketing strategy entails creating gobs and gobs of content. A smarter strategy is creating quality content that can be repurposed in a variety of ways. Here are five suggestions:

1.  Collect how-tos for an eBook: Find your best and most popular how-to posts and compile them in an eBook. They could all be on the same topic and cover something very specific, or they could all be on different topics, allowing you to cast a wider net. A well-written introduction and clean design can pull them together.

2.  Whittle down a whitepaper: You may not realize how many content opportunities a single whitepaper affords. Blog posts pointing back to said whitepaper and infographics illustrating some of the most interesting points are just a few examples. Use an easy-to-use infographic maker like Canva, Piktochart or Venngage.

3.  Turn webinars into videos: A well-done B2B webinar takes effort—so why not use the momentum created to go to the next step? Webinars can easily be converted into video files to beef up your YouTube channel.

4.  Transform picture-perfect presentations: With a few tweaks, any presentation can easily be transformed into a slide deck, which you can post on LinkedIn’s SlideShare. The site, which boasts 70 million unique visitors a month, allows users to browse presentations, videos, documents and infographics by topic or user.

5.  Republish popular posts: OK, so this idea can’t exactly be described as “completely different,” but it’s effective. Find your most popular posts—i.e. the ones that still get clicks months or even years after they were originally published. Then, update and repost them—either to your blog or other sites like LinkedIn, Medium or Quora.

These Three Basic Charts Can Explain Any B-to-B Marketing Metric


Before focusing on the flare of infographics, review the basics of what you are trying to convey

With the proliferation of infographics and data visualization tools, hundreds of different types of charts seem to have burst on the scene. But for most marketers who are wanting to track and explain data, three basic charts can serve as the foundation to explain everything from market share to business performance.

And the biggest surprise? These are charts you’re already familiar with: Line charts, bar charts and pie charts. So before using all your 3D features in Excel or PowerPoint, stop and reflect on the simple facts you want to convey. Continue reading this article

Five Things Business-to-Business Marketers are Thankful for This Year

Two business colleagues shaking hands

We know that during the holiday season it is important to enjoy spending time with friends and family, but we also want to pause and reflect on a few of the things a business-to-business marketer should be thankful for over the past year.

  1. Clients. Simply put, you wouldn’t exist without the loyalty of your clients. They’re the reason your business thrives. Before focusing on anything else—such as metrics or data—take time to express gratitude for the people who look to you for products and solutions.

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How to Use Music Legally in Your Marketing Videos (And Where to Find It)

Copyright Laws Symbol Concept

Music can help you pump up the power of your presentations and podcasts

Music can often improve the quality and impact of a marketing-oriented video, podcast or presentation. However, the laws and usage rights that cover how copyrighted music can be used—and how much you need to pay for permission to use it—can be a confusing. It can also be costly, especially if you’re caught not following a confusing set of rules.

How do you want to use the music?

For presentations and podcasts, you’re most likely going to use music that falls into three categories.

Continue reading this article

Infographic Tips Will Power Up Your Posts and Presentations

Businessman at work

Infographics are a style of visual storytelling that seek to simplify complex ideas

The best infographics showcase vital, but perhaps dense and complicated information in a fun, interesting and visually arresting way. The least effective infographics list bullet points of familiar facts using clichéd clip art and outdated, dull fonts, turning viewers off from caring about the larger story. A better approach is to use graphics that explain, interpret, teach and provide customers with a deeper understanding of something important to them. But what’s the best way to synthesize and share that data? Continue reading this article

Using Stories of Outrageous Customer Service to Strengthen Your Brand


Most companies would stop at nothing to right a wrong caused by their product or personnel. If they didn’t, they would risk losing a customer. But what happens when something goes wrong and you’re not at fault—but you also have the power to fix it? If you’re on the fence about braving a blizzard to solve a customer’s problem, consider this: Going for the outrageous display of customer service could help strengthen your brand.

Every company has a set of values that is reflected in their brand. Part of communicating your values is sharing examples of how they are displayed in the course of serving customers. Business-to-business customer service is all about building long-term relationships, trust and credibility. What better way to demonstrate that than by sharing how you do it, day in and day out? Follow these four tips for using stories of outrageous customer service to strengthen your brand. Continue reading this article

How to Help Your Company’s Experts Become Thought Leaders

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We live in an era in which corporate executives are asking their marketing department to help them become “thought leaders.” Unfortunately, thought leadership is something that doesn’t start in the marketing department, it starts with identifying the experts in a company—and then helping them raise their visibility within a specific targeted audience.

Certainly, many corporate executives are experts. But typically they are experts in the successful management of people, processes and resources.

When people in an industry want to learn about something other than the financial or strategic plans of a business, they typically want to hear from the experts who work in labs or create products—those who can help decide whether to use the red widget instead of the blue widget. Continue reading this article

Seven Free, Secret, Awesome Tips for B-to-B Email Marketing

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Internet historians credit (or blame) Gary Thuerk, a marketing manager at Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC), for distributing the first commercial “mass” emailing in 1978 to 400 users via Arpanet, a network of computers that served as the foundation of the internet. While the mailing generated a few complaints, it resulted in $13 million in sales of DEC machines—perhaps one of the greatest marketing ROIs of all time.

Email marketing today is still one of the most effective ways to communicate directly with business customers (if they want it), yet marketing email can also be one of the most frustrating types of marketing. Why? Because as more customers subscribe to marketing, more customers ignore the commercial emails they receive. Continue reading this article

Dodge These Common Business-to-Business Content Marketing Errors

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You won’t always implement your content marketing strategy perfectly, but steering clear of the following red flags can increase your chances for engaging your audience—and maybe even prompt them to share that positive experience with their peers.

  1. Avoid hype. By providing help instead of hype, you won’t confuse customers by equating content marketing with advertising. Constantly pitching your product throughout every stage of the customer experience will turn off your audience. Content should independently add value to your products and relationships, not be solely another platform for PR. For instance, Hubspot’s Inbound sales and marketing blogs help make its customers savvier on dozens of topics ranging from A/B testing to video—without overtly hustling their product.

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Key to Marketing Success During Economic Downturns

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In a previous post, we explored how history teaches, time after time, that the savvy marketer invests in advertising during economic downtimes. When the economy sputters, businesses look for places to make cuts. But research dating back a century reveals that advertising and marketing efforts aren’t the right places for cost-cutting.

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The Smart Way to Start a Product Podcast

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Podcasts have been known to confuse users. It was taking consumers so long to figure out what podcasting was that, by 2014, there was a parade of tech pundits predicting the demise of podcasting. And then along came the breakout success of “Serial” from the creators of public radio’s “This American Life.”

Consumers quickly realized that podcasts were like on-demand radio or a radio show that you could subscribe to. Soon, a growing number of consumers realized it was like a website, but instead subscribing to or following articles, they could subscribe to episodes.

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Customer Acquisition vs. Retention: Where’s the Best Content Marketing ROI?

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While marketers often view content marketing as a means to acquire customers through lead generation and search engine optimization, one of its most valuable roles is as a customer retention tool. Helpful information supplied via email newsletters, branded blogs, podcasts and other content market efforts can add value to your products and retain customers.

Too often, marketers look “out there” for marketing solutions. Research reveals that the majority of marketing budgets are dedicated to getting new customers, while the most efficient marketing efforts, like content marketing, are made to retain them.

Increasing customer retention rates by 5 percent increases profits by 25 percent to 95 percent. Continue reading this article

If You Promote It, They Will Come

Five Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out From the Competition

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Marketers who launch content marketing programs often get frustrated with the “Field of Dreams” dilemma: They’ve built it, but no one is coming. They’ve created blogs, but no one seems to read their posts. They tweet all day, but few people follow. They prepare and send out weekly email newsletters, but no one subscribes. What’s the problem?

It’s not enough to check off the boxes of all the elements of a content marketing program. As with the launch of any new product, brand or service, launching a branded business-to-business communications effort designed to reach your customers requires promotional support to stand out from the competition in your industry. Continue reading this article

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