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How to Be the Go-To Source When a User Has a Micro Moment


When potential customers have brief moments and a question occurs to them about a product or service you offer, they will likely turn to the nearest device to find that answer. These micro moments, even for B2B consumers, are critical opportunities for you to connect.

Here are three ways you can be the go-to source of information when potential clients have a micro moment.

Make a Micro-Moment Map

Google recommends identifying a set of moments that you want to win or can’t afford to lose. Consider all phases of the customer journey from recognizing a need to researching potential solutions to making a purchase through becoming an owner or user of your product or services. Think about what types of questions or needs your potential customers will have all along that journey, and provide answers or information to match. Continue reading this article

Three Ways Micro Moments Have Impacted the B2B Customer Journey


Mobile devices have disrupted the customer journey in major ways, bringing the ability to research, compare and purchase products and services in the palm of your hand, anywhere at any time. And the disruption isn’t limited to B2C transactions.

B2B sellers are feeling the change, too. Here are some of the major ways that business-to-business micro moments have impacted the customer journey.

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How Answer-Engine-Optimization is the New SEO

Answer Engine Optimization

Remember Ask Jeeves? In 1996, Jeeves was your knowledge concierge, providing answers to myriad questions at the tip of a finger. The founders’ idea was to provide answers in natural, everyday language rather than the SEO-riddled content popular at the time in other search engines.

After the search engine portion of the site became outpaced by other, more popular search engines focused on providing results based on keywords, the company rebranded as and returned to its answer engine roots.

Many other question-answer sites exist today: Think Wikipedia,, the U.S. Library of Congress Ask a Librarian, and many more. But search engines are starting to reconfigure their search results in a way that precludes the need to visit the actual site by providing an answer with the results.

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What Is a Business-to-Business Micro Moment and Why Does It Matter?


It’s simple to see what a micro moment is when looking at business-to-consumer sales cycles: Any time a buyer has a question in a spare moment—in line at the grocery, waiting for the check at a restaurant, in an Uber ride—and turns to the web for an instant answer, that’s a micro moment of interaction between businesses and potential consumers or current customers. Often, these micro moments happen on the go and searchers have highly specific questions in mind.

But do business-to-business researchers have similar kinds of micro moments? BNP Media’s research showed a resounding “yes.” B2B buyers are constantly connected to the Internet.

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