Think Ahead: Ideas For Your 2018 Marketing Calendar and Budget

If you haven’t started planning for 2018, here are a few suggestions to consider when you begin. (And if you haven’t started, start soon, because your competitors are.)

 1. Check in with industry experts

Listening to those you trust can help you become aware of a trend you may have missed or had not considered correctly. Industry analysts are great sources of what’s happening; so are other marketers who are not working for a direct competitor. And when it comes to providing neutral, non-proprietary information, your BNP representative is available with information about new marketing opportunities.

 2. Preview the 2018 live event calendar

BNP research indicate marketers and customers have tried-and-true events they attend annually, but they are always open to something new if the criteria fits.

 3. Look for webinar opportunities

Research conducted by BNP ranks webinars as one of the most useful format from marketers. Webinars work for lead generation and customer training and should be part of your plans. 

 4. Make video a consistent part of your customer media mix

As we’ve learned through research, when used correctly, business customers find video helpful. (But don’t attempt to be funny if that’s not your expertise.)

 5. Start thinking in “multichannel”

With so many different opportunities to reach new customers and develop longer relationships with current ones, make sure your plan includes all phases of the customer journey and the various ways customers say they prefer to receive information from you.

There’s more …

More ideas from BNP Solutions can be found here and on the BNP Media websites that serve your industry.

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