The Importance of Having a Multichannel Marketing Strategy

During the period dramatized on “Mad Men,” the marketers and media companies along Madison Avenue could do a year’s worth of ad buys in an afternoon—between martinis. Three TV networks and a few major magazines would reach every customer in America. For example, the highest-rated TV series of the 1950s was “I Love Lucy.” At its peak, the show was watched by more than 67 percent of everyone with a TV turned on. Fast-forward to the 2010s, and the most-watched TV series today is “Sunday Night Football.” Yet only 13 percent of every TV is turned on to watch it.

Today, advertising decisions are often made by software using real-time data to determine where and when to place ads. Advertising can not only be tailored to a person’s location, but it can also take into account a customer’s interests based on previous patterns of usage.

In other words, as people have more and more media options and advertisers have more and more ways to distribute advertising, using all of these different types of media to reach a specific group of customers becomes more and more challenging—not easier as the future is sometimes promised to be.

Rarely is a form of media inherently better than another—they’re complementary. However, when it comes to certain types of information, interactions or utility, one will work better than another—in specific contexts and at specific times.

Having a multichannel marketing presence—one that’s seen across all the various media platforms—presents a great opportunity for today’s business-to-business (B2B) customer. Marketers must make it easy for customers to find them, whether they’re in old media or new. B2B media companies can assist in providing solutions that help brands and customers engage with one another across the multiple channels of media we venture to each day.

From networking at a live event to webinars to magazines and websites, your customers can be found in many more places. And wherever they are found, you, too, should be present.

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