Six Ways to Improve the Quality of the Photos on Your Company Blog

Graphics—whether professional photography, infographics or stock photography—have the power to grab an audience’s attention. Approximately 65 percent of people say they are visual learners, so chances are, the first thing people will notice when they visit your company’s blog are its images. That’s why it’s critical to take quality photographs or use high-quality stock photography.

Follow these tips to enhance the quality of photos on your company’s blog.


Head shots

When you post employee head shots on your company’s blog or website, make sure you’re putting the representatives of your business in the best light. Be sure to:

·  Shoot in natural light, not fluorescent or other artificial light.

·  Avoid harsh shadows and objects behind the subject’s head.

·  Pick a uncluttered background. You don’t have to use a flat white background, but make sure whatever background you use isn’t busy or cluttered—or detracts from the real focus of the photo.

·  Take the shot face on, not sideways! Profile shots have their place, but for this type of photo, you want to see the subject’s face.

Group shots

Photographing your entire team? While it may be challenging to get a group of people to look their best at the same time, these tips can make it easier.

·  Position people together. Make sure no one is standing a foot off to the side.

·  Arrange people by height. Your shortest employee shouldn’t be in the back row. Your 6-foot-tall CEO shouldn’t be standing front and center either.

·  Don’t cut off limbs. When cropping photos, be careful not to cut off hands or ears.

Product shots

The way you present your products has a major impact on how well they sell. Don’t settle for amateur-looking shots. If you’re trying to advertise a new product, don’t forget these four pointers.

·  Make sure your location is well-lit. Invest in a lighting kit that includes lights and tripods.

·  Shoot products in front of a solid, non-distracting background.

·  Use a wide aperture, which is the space that allows light into your camera. A wide aperture will reduce the depth of field and allow more focus on your subject, keeping the background blurred.

·  Avoid shadows. Keep your lights on the same side of the object as your camera.

Speaker shots

Does your company specialize in conferences and events? High-quality photos of speakers can be a selling point for your Live Events.

·  Ensure the speaker is engaged with the audience when snapping photos.

·  Avoid photos where the speaker is waving hands in the air—they’ll be blurred.

·  Make sure the speaker’s mouth is not hanging open in every photo.

Benefits of photo-editing websites

For a photography or design novice, creating good images to use with content can be overwhelming. But thanks to the web, there are free or inexpensive sites that can help improve many photos. Adobe Spark, Canva and and PicMonkey offer users the chance to crop, rotate and resize photos, as well as add text overlays, textures and touch-ups.

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