How to Come Up With Content Ideas for Your Company Blog

When was the last time you posted an article on your company blog? If it was more than a few weeks ago, you are communicating to your customers and prospects that you put little emphasis on keeping them informed and up-to-date.

A blog can be a marketing tool that separates you from your competition. It can also be a go-to source for information about your industry. It can teach customers how to better use your products.

It shouldn’t be seen as a burden or the last thing on your to-do list. If that’s why it’s been a few months since you’ve posted something, here are some suggestions to help break through your blogging writer’s block.

Announce something.Tell your audience about a new product or feature upgrade. Keeping customers up-to-date with changes, whether big or small, underscores the message that your top priority is improving the products or services they expect from you.

No new products? Then welcome a new member of the staff. Has anyone recently won a professional award? Have you sponsored an industry event or a local cause? Anything you can announce that reinforces your company’s mission is something worth sharing with your customers.

Share an idea. Have your heard or read something recently that your customers may benefit from learning? For example, think about the things you hear at conferences or trade shows that aren’t attended by your customers. Perhaps there is something happening in your industry that will help a customer connect the dots on an opportunity.

Teach something new. The best way to hang onto customers for a long time is to continuously teach them how to more effectively use your product or service. How-tos and tutorials are among the most popular types of content found in a business-to-business blog. By directing users to materials created by manufacturers, trade media and product mavens, you have added to the value of your product by helping a customer become smarter.

Profile someone or something. Find a way to talk about the people who help make your company special. Conducting an interview each month, perhaps on the anniversary of a long-time employee, is one way to keep readers coming back. Better yet, profile a successful customer for an accomplishment he or she has achieved.

Take a stand. If you’ve heard the term “thought leader” and wondered how to be one, part of the price of admission is to have interesting ideas and share them as many ways as possible. Interesting ideas may be new and different—and occasionally controversial. While the goal of taking a stand is not to make your customers mad (avoid that!), there are still times when expressing your opinion can make your blog a must-read.

Share some photos. Some of the best posts on a company blog have the fewest words. Adding photos of customers, new products and company activities is not only a good approach to improving your blog, but photography also helps you engage your visitors. (Check out our recent post on how to improve the photography on your company’s blog.)

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