B2B Marketers’ 8 Favorite Content Marketing Tools

In our most recent eBook, B2B Custom Media & Content Marketing, we explore how content marketing—a form of marketing that dates back centuries—is being transformed into a vital part of the marketing strategy in the digital age. Among the topics we highlight are the most popular content tactics and strategies used by marketers now. A great source of insight into the topic of content marketing tools is the Content Marketing Institute’s study, 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America. In it, marketers share their eight most-used content marketing tactics. These are the top eight, along with the percentage of total content marketers who use each one.

Social Media Content | 83% Social media content—posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms—is an critical facet of a content marketing strategy. Social media is a great way to engage with your customers, but it also presents opportunities to share content and build brand awareness.

Blogs | 83% Blogs are an important part of a content marketing strategy. Blogs can help drive traffic toward your company’s website, and the content featured can position you as an industry leader.

eNewsletters | 77% Email newsletters can help turn casual readers into engaged brand fans, according to the Content Marketing Institute. When implemented correctly, email newsletters can also motivate your customers to spread the word about your products or services.

Live Events | 68% As we explored in the research and Ebook, The BNP Media Guide to B2B Custom Media & Content Marketing, conferences, conventions, trade shows and other Live Events are not typically thought of as content marketing. However, it is the content, along with the network, that customers point to when explaining the effectiveness of these events.

eBooks, White Papers | 65% Custom research and whitepapers help customers better understand trends and industry developments, and they position a company as a thought leader or industry leader.

Video | 68% Some people prefer to watch and listen to information rather than reading it. Often a product or explanation can be better conveyed via video. Platforms like YouTube and Instagram can help customers understand how your product can solve problems or grab opportunities.

Infographics | 58% Infographics turn hard-to-understand data and text into memorable visualizations, charts and graphs that are simple and easy to digest. Quality infographics can catch your audience’s attention, increase brand awareness and make your content more understandable.

Webinars/Webcasts | 58% Webinars are a big commitment, both for your company to produce and customers to watch, however, as we explain in the Ebook, The BNP Media Guide to B2B Custom Media & Content Marketing  they are popular with managers and workers who can’t always travel to events.

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