The Power of a B2B Handwritten Note

When was the last time you sent a handwritten note to an employee or customer, thanking them for their work or business?

In today’s world of instant communication, it’s easier than ever to send a brief text message or email. It’s quick, painless and requires little effort. But the next time you think about sending an email or text message to a customer or employee, consider sending a handwritten card or note instead. Why? A handwritten note is more personal than a quick email sent from your smartphone. People like to feel valued, and taking the time to write a note, address an envelope and stick it in the mailbox communicates that you care for and appreciate that individual.

When writing handwritten notes, consider the following tips:

  1. Make note-writing a part of your company’s culture. Encourage your employees to send handwritten notes to each other and to customers. But set the example yourself. Send a thank-you note to your employees’ homes or write a congratulatory message if they’ve accomplished something. When employees receive notes, they’ll be more apt to compose their own handwritten messages.
  2. Add a personal touch. Don’t follow a run-of-the-mill script. Be specific in your note and personalize it for the recipient.
  3. Write notes in a timely fashion. Don’t wait three weeks to send a thank-you card. Send a note or card within three days of the occasion or the accomplishment being acknowledged.
  4. Remember that penmanship matters. Don’t get sloppy. Take your time while writing to ensure that the recipient can actually read your words. A handwritten note isn’t as thoughtful if the recipient can’t decipher what was written.
  5. Include a business card. You most likely have a box of business cards sitting in your desk. Use them! Include them with every card or note you send to customers or potential customers. This puts your business, name and contact information right at your customers’ fingertips.

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