5 Tips for Building Business Customer Loyalty

When it comes to marketing online, many business-to-business (B2B) marketers focus their attention exclusively on goals related to lead generation and search engine marketing. While those goals are important, marketers should also remember that the web can be great for building long-term relationships with existing customers.

As we’ve explored before, retaining an existing customer can provide a much better ROI than continually replacing lost customers.

The key to retaining customers is to help them succeed in reaching the goal that compelled them to purchase your product or service in the first place. Here are five ways to keep customers coming back for the added value you can provide.

  1. Develop webinars: BNP’s research of B2B webinars found them to be a favorite among professionals, including C-suite executives. Participants appreciate the efficiency of expert instruction without having to incur the expense of travel. An important indicator of the role webinars can play in long-term customer retention is the high percentage of participants who indicate their desire to attend more webinars.
  1. Participate in Live Events: According to research by BNP, Live Events are the most effective form of marketing. Nothing beats the face-to-face interaction that business customers and marketers seek.
  1. Create video tutorials and how-tos: Business customers told BNP researchers that video instruction is of great value. Unlike consumer video, humor and entertainment are far less important that learning how to use products and services in smarter ways. Business customers seek video that focuses on help, not hype.
  1. Be mobile savvy: More and more, business users are looking for answers on mobile devices. According to BNP research and sources like Google, professionals are seeking information they need instantly, or in “micro minutes,” as Google describes it. Having information accessible on a smartphone is a requirement for building a long-lasting relationship with business customers.
  1. Play a part in social media: Determine the social media used most by your customers and join in the discussion whenever questions arise about your product or service. Add a human voice to your service.

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