Month: January 2018

How to Use B-to-B Content Marketing During each Stage of the Customer Journey

Sure, great website content can have a positive impact on a company’s search engine optimization and lead generation efforts. But sometimes marketers and C-suite executives limit content to those two goals, bypassing other creative ways content can strengthen a company’s marketing strategy. In fact, content marketing can play a role along all the steps of a customer’s journey.

But what kind of content is best at each stage? Think about when you’re considering buying a product—what details would help you make a better decision? Once you’re an owner, what knowledge would make that purchase even more fulfilling? And what would help you morph into a loyal and vocal fan of a product?

Consider these ideas for helpful content at the six stages of the customer journey, which we explore in more depth in our most recent Ebook, B2B Custom Media & Content Marketing. Continue reading this article

Custom Media: The New Marketing Strategy That’s Been Around for Centuries

For the last decade, the terms “content marketing” and “custom media” have become so prevalent among marketers, that a “content department” is now a staple on more and more corporate organizational charts. But as we describe in the new Ebook, The BNP Media Guide to B2B Custom Media & Content Marketing, “while the terms ‘custom media’ and ‘content marketing’ are new additions to the marketing lexicon, the history of companies creating media to communicate directly with their customers, supporters or members dates back centuries.”

For instance, in 1732, Benjamin Franklin issued Poor Richard’s Almanack as custom media, a free publication he used to promote his printing business.

Business-to-business marketers were also early users of direct-to-customer marketing.

In 1895, John Deere launched The Furrow, a magazine it distributed to farmers through its dealer network. It is still published today. Continue reading this article

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