Month: September 2017

How to Come Up With Content Ideas for Your Company Blog

When was the last time you posted an article on your company blog? If it was more than a few weeks ago, you are communicating to your customers and prospects that you put little emphasis on keeping them informed and up-to-date.

A blog can be a marketing tool that separates you from your competition. It can also be a go-to source for information about your industry. It can teach customers how to better use your products.

It shouldn’t be seen as a burden or the last thing on your to-do list. If that’s why it’s been a few months since you’ve posted something, here are some suggestions to help break through your blogging writer’s block. Continue reading this article

Six Ways to Improve the Quality of the Photos on Your Company Blog

Graphics—whether professional photography, infographics or stock photography—have the power to grab an audience’s attention. Approximately 65 percent of people say they are visual learners, so chances are, the first thing people will notice when they visit your company’s blog are its images. That’s why it’s critical to take quality photographs or use high-quality stock photography.

Follow these tips to enhance the quality of photos on your company’s blog.


Head shots

When you post employee head shots on your company’s blog or website, make sure you’re putting the representatives of your business in the best light. Be sure to:

·  Shoot in natural light, not fluorescent or other artificial light.

·  Avoid harsh shadows and objects behind the subject’s head.

·  Pick a uncluttered background. You don’t have to use a flat white background, but make sure whatever background you use isn’t busy or cluttered—or detracts from the real focus of the photo.

·  Take the shot face on, not sideways! Profile shots have their place, but for this type of photo, you want to see the subject’s face. Continue reading this article

BNP Media Sponsors Wish Party in Partnership with Make-A-Wish® America

Terrien, a 13-year-old Southfield, Mich. boy, is living with a life-threatening renal disease.  Thanks to Make-a-Wish® America and the help of the people at BNP Media, Terrien will experience his wish of visiting Spain.

The Buen Viaje (“Have a good trip!”) for Terrien to celebrate his upcoming trip will be held Monday, July 31 at Troy’s Somerset Inn. Joining Terrien will be members of his family and staff from BNP Media and Make-A-Wish® Michigan, who are helping to coordinate the wish party.

Terrien is scheduled to visit Spain the second week in August.  Activities planned for Terrien include the Barcelona Football, Camp Nou Experience, visiting one of the most emblematic stadiums in the world, and an expansive Barcelona Highlights Tour.

The wish party for Terrien marks the first time in the three years as a supporter of Make-A-Wish that BNP Media has participated in the Adopt-A-Wish program. The involvement in Adopt-A-Wish builds upon the $10,000 donation that BNP Media has gifted to the wish granting organization for the past three years. BNP Media has also made a three-year commitment as a Gold Level Sponsor for the Make-A-Wish Michigan Wish Ball, donating $15,000 each year. Continue reading this article

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