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How New Media Enhances, Not Hurts, Traditional Media

The term “traditional media” sounds like something one’s grandparents may have used back in the good ole days. But in a business context, traditional media refers to the evolution of ways we access news and information for our work interests and free time passions.

Traditional media was a daily newspaper with a thick sports section filled with lots of ads for tires and used cars. Traditional media was having three or four local TV affiliates of major broadcast networks. Traditional media meant lots of local TV ads during the news, weather and sports. Traditional media meant thick weekly news magazines, Reader’s Digest and TV Guide.

Now we have something called “new media,” a term that refers to anything that includes the words digital, social, streaming, data and content. For nearly 20 years, new media people have claimed to be disrupting the traditional media titans. However, in reality, new media is turning to traditional media to help them find sustainable channels of growth. Facebook, Google and Twitter are constantly experimenting with how to pay for streaming sports and other live events so that TV viewers will have something to be social about. Continue reading this article

The Importance of Having a Multichannel Marketing Strategy

During the period dramatized on “Mad Men,” the marketers and media companies along Madison Avenue could do a year’s worth of ad buys in an afternoon—between martinis. Three TV networks and a few major magazines would reach every customer in America. For example, the highest-rated TV series of the 1950s was “I Love Lucy.” At its peak, the show was watched by more than 67 percent of everyone with a TV turned on. Fast-forward to the 2010s, and the most-watched TV series today is “Sunday Night Football.” Yet only 13 percent of every TV is turned on to watch it.

Today, advertising decisions are often made by software using real-time data to determine where and when to place ads. Advertising can not only be tailored to a person’s location, but it can also take into account a customer’s interests based on previous patterns of usage.

In other words, as people have more and more media options and advertisers have more and more ways to distribute advertising, using all of these different types of media to reach a specific group of customers becomes more and more challenging—not easier as the future is sometimes promised to be. Continue reading this article

BNP Media & Roofing Contractor Magazine Support Habitat for Humanity Project

$10K donation in support of volunteer Rick Damato, Editorial Director of BNP Media’s Roofing Contractor Magazine

Troy, Michigan-based BNP Media is supporting Rick Damato, Editorial Director of BNP Media’s Roofing Contractor Magazine, who will volunteer with Habitat for Humanity’s 2017 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project.

During July 9-14, 2017, Habitat for Humanity’s 34th Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project will take place in cities across Canada with a goal of building 150 homes in conjunction with Canada’s 150th anniversary.  Habitat for Humanity Edmonton will build 75 homes in Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan.  Habitat for Humanity Manitoba will build 25 homes in Winnipeg.  While President and Mrs. Carter will focus their efforts in Edmonton, Alberta, and Winnipeg, Manitoba, almost 50 communities across Canada will be participating.

Since 1984, President and Mrs. Carter have traveled around the world with Habitat to build and improve homes. Their time and effort helps to raise awareness of the critical need for affordable home ownership around the world. Inspiring millions over the last three decades, President and Mrs. Carter have worked alongside nearly 100,000 volunteers in 14 countries to build, renovate and repair more than 4,000 homes.  To learn more about Habitat’s Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project, visit Continue reading this article

Why Print B2B Magazines Matter

Since the release of early web browsers during the mid-1990s, self-proclaimed experts have been declaring that “print magazines are dead.” Of course, the media landscape has undergone a lot of change in the two decades since, but one thing hasn’t changed: Print magazines are alive and well. For example, followers of Samir Husni’s “Launch Monitor Blog” [] are aware that dozens of magazines are launched each month.

Many magazines have shut down since 1995, but that’s not unusual—magazines have opened and closed regularly since they first began. For example, a magazine published by Benjamin Franklin in 1741 titled The American lasted only one issue. But no one in those days declared magazines were dead.

New communications technologies since Franklin’s day have remade magazine publishing time and again. Improvements in printing technology, enhanced distribution methods enabled by the railroad, instant communication made possible by the wireless telegraph, and the creative mediums of radio, film and TV have all changed the business of publishing. Continue reading this article

19th Annual Food Safety Summit Makes An Impact on Food Safety Professionals

Donation by sponsor BNP Media, on behalf of attendees,  to Feeding America Coalition was highlight of event

The 19th Annual Food Safety Summit, held May 8 – May 11, 2017 in Rosemont, IL, attracted nearly 1,700 food safety professionals and 190 exhibiting companies.  The outstanding attendance at this event each year reflects the importance of safety and professional education to the food growing, processing, packaging, distribution and retail industries.

Among the full schedule of presentations and seminars at the event, attendees discussed important issues like the implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act and the Integration of the Nation’s Food Safety System, while also reviewing case studies of recent foodborne illness outbreaks.

The success of the event also shows the commitment to feeding the nation with quality foods. Continue reading this article

New to Online Advertising Retargeting? BNP Media Can Help

During the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing information about retargeting, the type of marketing that helps you stay in front of potential customers across the web—even when they are visiting consumer-oriented sites.

Since retargeting is new for most B2B marketers, BNP Media can help you get up and running. We can help you:

• Develop and execute a strategy.

• Gain quality insights and prove performance of media spend.

• Understand deeper insights on ad effectiveness.

• Optimize your campaigns. Continue reading this article

How to Measure the Results of an Online Retargeting Campaign

At the end of each retargeting campaign, an advertiser receives an in-depth report that combines the information you’ve tracked while the campaign has been taking place.

Metrics Measured for Each Creative Used During a Campaign

  • Impressions: The number of ads that appear on the pages that users visit during a campaign.
  • Clicks: The number of times an ad is clicked on by a user.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): The ratio of clicks on one of your ads to the number of total ad impressions.
  • Post-Impression Reporting: Users may see an ad numerous times before acting on it. They may even act on the message by going back to an advertiser’s website and bypassing the ad. Post-impression conversion tracking reveals such delayed impact of an ad.

The Value of Post-Impression Recognition

Retargeting provides a benefit that has been considered one of the pillars of effective advertising in the mass media age: frequency. In short, it means that the more times potential customers see your ad, the more likely they are to recall it when it’s time for them to make a purchasing decision. This principle is sometimes called “The Rule of 7” to represent the number of times it takes for a customer to act.

With the long purchasing cycle of many business products and services, exposure to your brand and message is especially important over an extended period.

Why is this important? Many potential customers don’t click on an ad; instead, they go directly to the advertiser’s website or use Google. Repeated exposure to your brand from retargeting increases the likelihood the customer will recognize your brand and click it during such a search.

By placing a simple pixel on your site as well, BNP can track those who saw your ads, but visited your site without clicking—a critical component of a retargeting campaign’s success.

To learn more about B2B retargeting, click here.

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