Month: September 2016

BNP Media Acquires Beverage World And BevOps Fleet Summit


Digital, print properties to be merged into BNP Media’s Beverage Industry publication

BNP Media has acquired Beverage World as well as its successful BevOps Fleet Summit. Through this acquisition, BNP Media will continue to produce and expand the BevOps Fleet Summit, while merging Beverage World’s digital and print properties into BNP Media’s Beverage Industry.

Under BNP Media’s ownership, there will be a combined, shared dedication to editorial excellence and integrity to help empower beverage market professionals through BNP’s resources and increase engagement across all media platforms.

“The acquisition of Beverage World fits well with our new strategy of being customer-centric across our Food, Beverage, Packaging Group (FBP), ” says John Schrei, Publishing Director of BNP Media. “It allows us to continue on our path of placing our customers’ success at the center of our business philosophy, operations, products and ideas.” Continue reading this article

Using Stories of Outrageous Customer Service to Strengthen Your Brand


Most companies would stop at nothing to right a wrong caused by their product or personnel. If they didn’t, they would risk losing a customer. But what happens when something goes wrong and you’re not at fault—but you also have the power to fix it? If you’re on the fence about braving a blizzard to solve a customer’s problem, consider this: Going for the outrageous display of customer service could help strengthen your brand.

Every company has a set of values that is reflected in their brand. Part of communicating your values is sharing examples of how they are displayed in the course of serving customers. Business-to-business customer service is all about building long-term relationships, trust and credibility. What better way to demonstrate that than by sharing how you do it, day in and day out? Follow these four tips for using stories of outrageous customer service to strengthen your brand. Continue reading this article

How to Help Your Company’s Experts Become Thought Leaders

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We live in an era in which corporate executives are asking their marketing department to help them become “thought leaders.” Unfortunately, thought leadership is something that doesn’t start in the marketing department, it starts with identifying the experts in a company—and then helping them raise their visibility within a specific targeted audience.

Certainly, many corporate executives are experts. But typically they are experts in the successful management of people, processes and resources.

When people in an industry want to learn about something other than the financial or strategic plans of a business, they typically want to hear from the experts who work in labs or create products—those who can help decide whether to use the red widget instead of the blue widget. Continue reading this article

ENR Publishes 2016 ACE Mentor Program Yearbook and Honors Outstanding Mentors




Helping high school students pursue a career in architecture, construction and engineering.

In its support of the ACE Mentor Program, BNP Media’s Engineering News-Record recently issued its annual ACE Mentor Program Yearbook advertising supplement for 2016 and also honored 2016’s ACE Outstanding Mentors in its editorial pages. Accompanying ENR’s August Double Issue, the theme of the 40-page yearbook is “Growth and Expansion.”

The ACE Mentor Program of America, Inc. (ACE) is a non-profit, industry-led effort that helps mentor high school students and encourages them to pursue professional careers in architecture, construction and engineering. ACE grew out of a program for inner-city high school students, begun in New York City in 1993 by legendary structural engineer Charles H. Thornton, founding principal of The Thornton Tomasetti Group. Continue reading this article

Seven Free, Secret, Awesome Tips for B-to-B Email Marketing

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Internet historians credit (or blame) Gary Thuerk, a marketing manager at Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC), for distributing the first commercial “mass” emailing in 1978 to 400 users via Arpanet, a network of computers that served as the foundation of the internet. While the mailing generated a few complaints, it resulted in $13 million in sales of DEC machines—perhaps one of the greatest marketing ROIs of all time.

Email marketing today is still one of the most effective ways to communicate directly with business customers (if they want it), yet marketing email can also be one of the most frustrating types of marketing. Why? Because as more customers subscribe to marketing, more customers ignore the commercial emails they receive. Continue reading this article

Five Tips for Creating a Helpful Business How-to Video

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Online video is a great medium for helping your B2B customers get the knowledge they need to use your products or services better. Online video is readily accessible, easily shareable and, if executed correctly, is the next best thing to having a company representative in house to show them what they need to know. According to BNP Solutions’ recent study, Online Video in a B2B World, nearly 70 percent of B2B customers look at B2B videos at least a couple of times a month, and most of the time (75 percent) they’re looking for how-to or instructional videos. Continue reading this article

Dodge These Common Business-to-Business Content Marketing Errors

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You won’t always implement your content marketing strategy perfectly, but steering clear of the following red flags can increase your chances for engaging your audience—and maybe even prompt them to share that positive experience with their peers.

  1. Avoid hype. By providing help instead of hype, you won’t confuse customers by equating content marketing with advertising. Constantly pitching your product throughout every stage of the customer experience will turn off your audience. Content should independently add value to your products and relationships, not be solely another platform for PR. For instance, Hubspot’s Inbound sales and marketing blogs help make its customers savvier on dozens of topics ranging from A/B testing to video—without overtly hustling their product.

Continue reading this article

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