Month: July 2016

Online Video Along the Customer Journey

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In BNP’s recent survey of how business customers use video, Online Video in a B2B World, business users indicated that video is a tool they use when considering purchasing new products or services. From the initial research of a product to purchasing that product or service to maximizing the purchase to accomplish goals, here are some of the ways business customers said they use videos.


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Customer Acquisition vs. Retention: Where’s the Best Content Marketing ROI?

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While marketers often view content marketing as a means to acquire customers through lead generation and search engine optimization, one of its most valuable roles is as a customer retention tool. Helpful information supplied via email newsletters, branded blogs, podcasts and other content market efforts can add value to your products and retain customers.

Too often, marketers look “out there” for marketing solutions. Research reveals that the majority of marketing budgets are dedicated to getting new customers, while the most efficient marketing efforts, like content marketing, are made to retain them.

Increasing customer retention rates by 5 percent increases profits by 25 percent to 95 percent. Continue reading this article

YouTube Is Becoming the ‘How-To’ Go-To

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Of all social media platforms, YouTube is the third-most effective for B2B marketers, trailing only LinkedIn and Twitter, according to a B2B Content Marketing study.

Google released research showing that searches for how-to content on YouTube are growing 70 percent year over year. Between January and May 2015 alone, more than 100 million hours of how-to content had been viewed on the channel in North America. And viewers aren’t just looking for how-to help around the house, they are also using how-to video for expertise related to their professions.

BNP Media’s research into “Online Video in a B2B World” backed this up: 75 percent of survey respondents said they were searching for how-to or instructional content when accessing industry-related video, more than any other type of content. Continue reading this article

BNP Media Forms New Food, Beverage, Packaging Group to Advance Customer-Centric Marketing Solutions; New Go-to-Market Strategy


TROY, MI, July 11, 2016—BNP Media today announced the formation of a new FOOD | BEVERAGE | PACKAGING GROUP (FBP), aligning 12 existing BNP Media brands serving these manufacturing processes industries.  This new, enhanced customer-centric service model ‑ a “Go-to-Market Strategy” ‑ will exponentially improve the integration and delivery of BNP Media’s marketing and data solutions across multiple media and subject categories.

The new strategy will help existing and prospective BNP Media clients find new and better ways to identify and influence their targeted customers. The realigned group launches July 8. Continue reading this article

If You Promote It, They Will Come

Five Ways to Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out From the Competition

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Marketers who launch content marketing programs often get frustrated with the “Field of Dreams” dilemma: They’ve built it, but no one is coming. They’ve created blogs, but no one seems to read their posts. They tweet all day, but few people follow. They prepare and send out weekly email newsletters, but no one subscribes. What’s the problem?

It’s not enough to check off the boxes of all the elements of a content marketing program. As with the launch of any new product, brand or service, launching a branded business-to-business communications effort designed to reach your customers requires promotional support to stand out from the competition in your industry. Continue reading this article

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