Month: May 2016

Three Ways Micro Moments Have Impacted the B2B Customer Journey


Mobile devices have disrupted the customer journey in major ways, bringing the ability to research, compare and purchase products and services in the palm of your hand, anywhere at any time. And the disruption isn’t limited to B2C transactions.

B2B sellers are feeling the change, too. Here are some of the major ways that business-to-business micro moments have impacted the customer journey.

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How Video Tutorials Add Value to B2B Products and Services


When you sell a product to a customer, it’s a transaction. When you sell an outcome or solution to a customer, they expect more than the product. They expect you to be around until they have reached the outcome they sought when they purchased it. That’s more than a transaction; it’s a relationship.

Oftentimes, business customers expect the companies they work with to provide a wide range of resources that go beyond the sale—that also turns transactions into relationships. Continue reading this article

Mobile Wisdom: The Types of Information B-to-B Customers Want Now


Consumer-focused, mobile-available marketing often is deemed successful when it diverts people away from work. However, when it come to business-to-business marketing, the most successful mobile-based marketing is content that helps business customers do their work better. In B-to-B mobile marketing, the goal is to make the mobile device a valuable tool.

With a mobile device (or two) within a hand’s reach of nearly every manager or executive of any company, the emphasis on mobile marketing and content should be focused on the following: Continue reading this article

Get the Most Out of Industry Trade Shows and Events with Integrated Marketing

So much effort is put into what happens the day of a trade show or industry event. It’s all about the demonstration, big product reveal or other promotion, interacting with potential customers, and scoping out the competition. But to really get the most out of a trade show appearance, an integrated marketing approach is key. And it all kicks off well in advance of the show.

Before the Show

Take the time to drum up interest and excitement about the show in advance. Research your target audience and potential customers among the trade shows typical attendees, and tailor your marketing materials to them.

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research found that 86 percent of show attendees were decision-makers or influencers, and yet 85 percent of them hadn’t been contacted prior to a trade show. Doing the research ahead of time and making connections can give you an edge over the competition. Continue reading this article

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