Month: March 2016

Many Platforms, But One Message: The Importance of Continuity in Integrated Marketing

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With so many different channels to push out your message—native advertising, print ads, manufacturer websites, mobile marketing, outdoor advertising, TV—you may be tempted to try out different messages depending the medium. But it’s critical to keep your message and look consistent across the board.


You will get more traction with consumers by being consistent throughout your integrated media campaign. You’ll create a memorable history with potential customers by sending the same message across all mediums. Picton and Broderick have outlined the “Four Cs of integrated marketing” as:

  1. Coherence: Connecting all the pieces of a campaign together in a logical way
  2. Consistency: The pieces don’t contradict each other, but support each other from piece to piece
  3. Complementary: A balanced, whole campaign builds on itself over time
  4. Continuity: All pieces are connected and consistent across platforms and over the course of the campaign

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What Kind of Content Do Customers Seek in Native Advertising?

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The idea that consumers, particularly younger ones, are less susceptible to traditional promotions from brands was the consensus opinion—and concern—among digital marketers attending a recent conference of the American Advertising Agency Association (4 As).

“People don’t want to be sold to,” said Leo Burnett’s Mark Renshaw, a panelist in a session on content marketing. Approaches that seem less like selling and more like informing or educating are rapidly growing as the format of choice by many consumer and business-to-business marketers.

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BNP Media Donates and Participates in Challenged Athletes Foundation “Empire State Building Run-Up”

BNP Media Co-CEO Taggart Henderson Takes Part in Running Famed Building’s 86 Flights

BNP Media donated $2,500 to the Challenged Athletes Foundation in conjunction with the 39th annual Empire State Building Run-Up. The world’s oldest and most famous tower race challenged runners from around the globe to race up its famed 86 flights and 1,576 stairs.

BNP Co-CEO Taggart Henderson was in the race and will never forget the experience. “It was amazing to take part in this great event and run in this iconic building,” Henderson said. “The Challenged Athletes Foundation does such great work and I’m thrilled I was able to participate on behalf of BNP Media.”

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