Month: February 2016

How to Tie Your Marketing Together with How-to and Tutorials


The Web has become the go-to source for how-to help on any topic at any time.

So, when integrating your marketing efforts to reach and serve business customers, remember that the relationship can begin with a problem a potential buyer has—one that leads him or her to Google a how-to question that you could be providing.

At such a moment, being there with the answer assures potential customers that you’ll be there to support them after the sale.

Google calls these times of instant needs to fill in a gap of knowledge micro-moments. Being there with an easy-to-follow how-to that ties into the other facets of your marketing efforts will be a great foundation for building long-term and loyal customer relationships.

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Using Podcast and Streaming Video as Part of an Integrated Marketing Strategy


Amazing developments during the past decade make it possible for anyone holding a smartphone connected to the Internet to accomplish feats that 15 years ago would have required thousands of dollars in video and audio equipment and millions of dollars to own the licenses required to distribute such content over the air or via cable.

Converging technology related to the quality of audio and video capture with smartphones, digital cameras and recorders, plus the variety of means to distribute audio and video files have given any business marketer the opportunity to communicate with the world.

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