Month: December 2015

Tools vs. Content: There’s an App for That—But Should There Be?


Mobile presence is incredibly important, but how your business is represented in that space is equally important. Some businesses are driven to develop a native app because it’s part of a marketing package, or because a competitor is doing it, or because it’s just the next thing to do with technology. But, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

The main consideration to keep in mind when determining whether a native app is necessary for mobile success, or if your business will continue to succeed with a responsive website, is whether or not an app will provide a specific function or serve a particular need for your target audience. If not, you’re providing content via an app—and that’s best delivered through your website.

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BNP Media Provides Meals for Hungry Kids with Gleaners ‘Double Your Donation Day’

BNP Media is donating $5,000 to help feed hungry children throughout metro Detroit. The money will double to $10,000 through Gleaners Community Food Bank’s ‘Double Your Donation Day’ program, which provides healthy breakfasts, snacks, and backpacks full of food for more than 20,000 needy kids.

BNP employees organized a special bake sale to raise the funds. Fifteen employees volunteered to bake pies, cakes, and cookies. This is the 12th year that BNP Media has contributed to the Gleaners initiative.

“We know that too many children are not getting healthy meals on a daily basis and we want to thank our employees for contributing to this important Gleaners program,” said BNP Media co-CEOs Harper, Mitchell and Taggart Henderson.

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Facebook Is a Mobile Juggernaut, But Is It Right for B-to-B Marketers?


If you’ve ever wondered what all those people are looking at when they are staring at their smartphones when walking down the street, chances are it’s Facebook. While it may have started off as something college students used with laptop computers in their dorm rooms, today 76 percent of the company’s advertising revenue comes from mobile ads.

But does that make Facebook an efficient way for business-to-business marketers to reach their customers? Probably not, if you break down the numbers on who Facebook users are and how they use Facebook as a work-related platform.

Facebook is certainly the most dominant social media service. The most recent data from the Pew Research Center (August 2015) reveals that 62 percent of all American adults use it. Moreover, among that 62 percent of all American adults, 70 percent say they log on daily. While the total number of users and their demographic makeup hasn’t changed significantly in the past three years, the rapid growth in their mobile use of Facebook has significantly driven up the total amount of time a typical user spends on Facebook in that period.

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How People Use B-to-B Apps vs. Consumer Apps


More than 3 million Web apps are available online as marketers seek ways to engage customers in experiences—content for news or entertainment, tools to makes our lives easier and mechanisms to drive transactions.

The vast majority of those applications are consumer-focused, with fewer tools developed for business-to-business users. Google research estimates that as consumers, we spend 30 hours a month, on average, using apps in “micro-moments.”

Apps developed for consumers tend to focus on content generation (posting photos or to social media), watching videos, reading articles, listening to music and interacting with others. Apps developed for businesses tend to be geared toward simplifying or automating a process, like collecting information, processing data, generating responses to invoices, bids, orders, etc., and evaluating sales and productivity reports.

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