Month: September 2015

Should You Develop a Native App or a Responsive Design Web App?

Responsive web design
Responsive web design

Apps entered the world of marketing in a big way five years ago. And while they are ubiquitous in the B2C world, B2B marketers are diving in now. According to a recent Salesforce survey, 57 percent of B2B marketers view mobile as a “crucial enabler” and 84 percent plan to up their mobile marketing budgets.

The need to meet customers where they are isn’t in doubt. If you aren’t sure whether a meaningful portion of your customer base is finding you via their mobile device, or if the trend is building, there is an easy way to check. Just go into the Google Analytics dashboard for your website, and look at the percentage who are accessing via mobile device. You can find out whether visitors are using an iPhone or an Android device, which is helpful if you’re developing a native app (the kind of mobile app you download through an app store rather than access by visiting a Web page on your phone’s browser).

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BNP Media Moves Big Apple Offices of Industry-leading Publications to Iconic Empire State Building


TROY, Mich., September 7, 2015—BNP Media today announced the move of its New York staff to the 60th floor offices in Manhattan’s iconic Empire State Building.

The move follows BNP Media’s recent acquisition of Architectural Record, considered “the record” of architectural history, a monthly magazine that has been dedicated to architecture and interior design for more than 110 years; ENR, a weekly magazine, founded in 1874, providing news, analysis, data and opinion for the worldwide construction industry; and SNAP, a newer publication devoted entirely to building products.

The publications were acquired earlier this year from Dodge Data & Analytics.

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